Do men look good in a string bikini? (1977) | RetroFocus

Beachgoers and fashion experts are asked their opinion on the racy new style of beachwear for men: the male string bikini. Is it too much or too little? From This Day Tonight with reporter Sue Faulkner, this originally aired on October 12, 1977.

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23 Responses

  1. Third Eye says:

    Tip: Everything looks good on a muscular man, weird fashion or not. You could find a man wearing a skirt and he would still look hot. I'm very skinny, I hope I'll be hitting the gym soon.

  2. mesa45 says:

    Since when did spandex ever come with a collar and a tie. And as for the bikini, that guy needs to trim his pubes then he's good to go.

  3. I don’t really get the designer’s remark that a traditional bathing suit would look like a maternity dress if worn beneath the rib cage? No men – fat included – hike their traditional swimsuits up that high. A big belly is just not attractive no matter what you wear (sorry, guys).

  4. Salvo Sk says:

    Very convenient to slurp on a banana at the beach..👅👅👅👅

  5. Juan Vélez says:

    It's not about the 'kini, baby. A fit body looks good in–or out of–ANYTHING!

  6. The weight at the groin can easily pull down the strings…

  7. I'm a straight guy and love it on him.

  8. random dude says:

    Australian News in the 1970s was very weird

  9. jeffy john says:

    Hell in the 70s, so many people wore nothing at all while swimming. Skinny Dipping and streaking were really popular.

  10. MrDrewthat says:

    OMG……he's got a beautiful body.
    The only thing better than that swim suit would be if he were naked.

  11. Anything is better than the 90s mens clothing. Everything became so gutter butt after Hip-hop thug culture took over. All clothing for men had to be baggy as hell. Shirts looked like damn wizards robes… and the bathing-suits fell down past your knees. It made no logical sense. How can you get a proper body tan? When you got naked half your lower body was lighter than everything else. Smh…

  12. Ryan Dixon says:

    Whatever happened to a suitable one piece swimmer and a nice straw hat!? Hell in a handbasket I tell you!

  13. 2:20 omg I want to jump into the video dude is hot!

  14. try a loose fitting tank top, and like a tight fitting pair of swim trunks, trust me, " Less, is More", seriously

  15. I don't think we do, I think you have to leave something for the imagination

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