Bikini Shoot Tutorial | Part 4 | Relevance of ISO | Fashion Photography Tutorial

In this video we are doing the shooting based on the Bikini styling we had done in the first video, makeup in second video and lighting we have arranged on the last video. Now we are actually taking the pictures of Sneha in her Bikini with different ISO settings. We are comparing two ISO settings – ISO 100 and ISO 6400 and explaining the noise issues we encounter while increasing ISO. Camera used in the shoot to click the picture is Sony Alpha 58 whichj is a entry level Crop frame camera.

Model : Sneha Verma
Makeup Artist (MAU) : Manoj Pathak
Photographer : Ryan Shebeeb

This video is part 4 of Fashion Photography Tutorial #1 which includes Styling for Bikini Shoot, Makeup for the particular look, lighting with one light setup and explaining ISO in Shooting aspect.

Subtitles in 9 languages – English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Telugu, Bangla, Malayalam and Tamil.

French Subtitles by Sean-Luc Vanguard
Spanish Subtitle by Victor Monte
Russian Subtitle by Alice Pletnyova
Malayalam Subtitle by Sanil Varghese

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  1. Jason Bodden says:

    Most cameras nowadays are noiseless up to ISO 800 so you can more than raise it from 100 without issue if you need to.

  2. Gemini Guy says:

    I liked the tip about zooming in 🙂

  3. Dev Pathak says:

    Increase time and description of body angle

  4. On these bikini shoot outdoor pic and on wet body shoot looks better

  5. Full outdoor lookbook upload pls

  6. jai khare says:

    What is price of ur camera using in this video?

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