How To Get The Perfect Bikini Butt | Rebecca Louise

Learn how to get the perfect bikini butt in this booty workout that will have your glutes on fire 🔥! You’ll be rockin’ an amazing bikini body in no time!

Video shot at The Grand Velas Riviera Maya:
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40 Responses

  1. LOVE it and you're so great💪💪💪

  2. Sophs Moran says:

    I love doing this workout everytime i do it 🙂

  3. Caitlin H. says:

    Did anybody else notice her legs glitch at 6:22????

  4. I can't feel the clamshells at all, am i doing something wrong?

  5. Did it twice and I feel amazing! Thanks Rebecca!

  6. Something for those person ( as me) that has no hips please?!!!❤

  7. Love the workout and the outfit! If I may ask, where did you get your leggings and sports bra?

  8. #IcanfeeltheburnRebecca!! Thank you for helping, guiding me and motivating me to feel amazing again!! Big love xx

  9. puky 0605 says:

    looks great, but strengthens it only the butt or also the legs?☺

  10. Thank you, Rebecca!I have just done this workout again after months, and I notice how much easier it is for me to complete it. You are helping me stay fit and HEALTHY.

  11. Maddie C says:

    Will this work your legs too? Xx

  12. A & K says:

    I only feel it in my legs

  13. Emma Smith says:

    This is the best workout for my butt I have ever did! I can feel the burn, Rebecca!

  14. sim mei lee says:

    Can't move my eyes away from ur body, ur movement, ur outfit & even the scenery. Best video!!

  15. khawla says:

    Can you make exercise or work out to get smaller butt

  16. You are amazing I am two months into the Calendar and have really seen a change, and where I had begun to plato, I am feeling challenged again. 3 Days a week I mix it up as well and extend the 30 minutes into an hour maybe more. Your a Gem xxx

  17. I love you workouts! Ps what is that sound? It sounds like dolphins are behind you? 😀🐬

  18. Love all her videos ! So effective ! ❤️

  19. Lori Brown says:

    Best workout for getting rid of 'mummy-tummy' please!!

  20. yana baum says:

    omg i found youuu ! i love your vedio from XHIT and then i lost you and i see you and i am so happy to see sooooo much vedios you are the bestttt

  21. Vivien Gál says:

    I love your videos, these exercises are awesome!!!

  22. kirgisien91 says:

    which program do you use for cutting your videos?

  23. Amaya Ayumi says:

    this exercise is awesome thanks rebecca! #icanfeeltheburnrebecca ! 🙂

  24. Tanyong P says:

    Can you please do a butt workout without using any weights and not increasing your thighs.

  25. tanya says:

    It is so hard for me to start working out again…😕

  26. Ivy X says:

    I would love to see more butt workouts!

  27. Chloe B says:

    I have a hard time working out, but these videos keep me motivated and I can feel the burn!

  28. You're my absolute favourite! I love all of your videos so much, my saviour for when I can't get to the gym! ❤️

  29. Ioio Didi says:

    Rebecca, you are the reason why I started to workout… and the results are incredible.
    I still have work to do, but I am more self-confident thanks to you!

  30. Your videos are all great…I don't even know how to begin with…I want to try everything at once!

  31. Hannah Jane says:

    love how you really emphasise taking it slow sometimes and making sure to get your form right so that the right muscles are exercised properly – some other youtubers focus on speed and i find myself with improper form and not really getting the most out of my workout x

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