Bikini Yoga Flow ☀ BIKINI SERIES

It’s time for BIKINI YOGA! ~

This beautiful flow of postures will lengthen your body, improve balance & increase flexibility— all while strengthening and toning your gorgeous body! ~

Complete this new BIKINI SERIES routine anytime, day or night! This is our favorite flow routine that we have learned, you’ll love the positive effects it has on both your body and mind! Let us know in the comments section below what studio you love to practice yoga at!

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38 Responses

  1. andra carter says:

    This is my most favorite video of yours ever. I do it at least once a week. Can you pleaaaaaaase put it in the app?! ❤️

  2. Donna Bizri says:

    I have been following you girls for the longest. You have helped this 50 something lady retain flexibility strength and more. Thank you. Today was my birthday and I did this in its entirety. Wonderful. Great job girls.

  3. LOVE this yoga flow. Honestly, I keep coming back to do this routine over and over again the past 4 years! Discovered their YT channel after meeting the TIU gals, Bobby and Brian on a Contiki tour in 2014. Very grateful we crossed paths. They have changed my outlook on life forever. Thanks TIU & congrats on everything you've achieved so far xxoo

  4. Perfect^^ Thank you so much. Trainers, you are the inspiration !!

  5. Soph says:

    I miss videos like this from you girls! Newer studio TIU vids are great but they're all very much one energy: HIGH!! Would be nice to have some beach workouts too with a calmer vibe, mixed in with the high energy stuff. Even the latest yoga vid had an 'ab sculpt' element to it, was much less calm and spiritual – more of this ^ pretty pleeease!!! xxxx

  6. This is absolutely my favorite Yoga Flow! I love how I feel after and the music is SO peaceful!! I love this : ) Thank you TIU

  7. More yoga and pilates style videos! THIS WAS AWESOME

  8. I liked the routine but, can't you give more instructions while breathing? I mean, we cannot really watch the screen while we do the poses.

  9. My number one favorite yoga routine. I feel so relaxed after I do this one.

  10. Annie&Iggy says:

    I feel amazing and all stretched out from my arm and ab workout yesterday. I was super sore 😬

  11. I had a hard time following the video because I was not facing the TV. It helps so much when I there are verbal instructions also. Thanks for the video. I look forward to watching more.

  12. Jamaiya Penn says:

    Paired this with Bikini Kettlebell and I feel great!! 💕

  13. Mie T. says:

    Not for beginners at all. Listen carefully in the beginning to remember the steps. Otherwise you can not follow. Quit after 8 min. Cannot recommend.

  14. you were moving wayyyyyy too fast

  15. Emily Reed says:

    This is one of my all time favorite workout channels ❤️❤️

  16. Girls I really appreciate that yoga session.. It's all I needed after a long day.. 😁 😍

  17. Nice little morning stretch but not too comprehensive for a ful workout, repeats the same move basically for most of vid.

  18. Maja says:

    Perfect after a short run!

  19. Calia Kippen says:

    we need more yoga based tiu vids like this!! please! <3<3

  20. This is by far my favorite workout to start the day! Thank you girls so much…you don't even know how you are changing my life!

  21. Where can we find those leggings both of you were wearing! I loveeeee them 🙂 ps great yoga routine! Just finished and feeling refreshed and strong 🙂 love these calming beach yoga routines

  22. Thankyou, I really enjoyed this 😀

  23. ChandelW says:

    Love this yoga workout so much 🙂

  24. Can you guys move a little faster? oh, and just don't speak at all.

    Someone doing this video with you is going to be so lost! I didn't even realize I was like 3 moves behind because 1. you don't give enough time to properly breathe through a position and 2. you don't explain what you are doing! I can't watch the video at all times while in poses.

  25. i'm jealous of you girls 🙁 you have got a lot free time to enjoy life and here i'm preparing for my interview of bank manager that'd be held by the first week of december 🙁
    you're very lucky

  26. Loved the video! This was my first real yoga I've done and really enjoyed it and will continue to incorporate yoga in my weekly workouts!!:)

  27. Zelda V. says:

    you work well together. I think it was great to film this at the golden hour of dusk. Really helps the serenity of the effects of yoga


  29. I prefer when you girls talk through the moves the entire time! I get lost every time during the "do it yourself" part and I have to stop and look at the screen. You should make a new yoga video soon! It's been a while!

  30. Petra D. says:

    What brand are your sports bras in this video? They are so gorgeous!

  31. Kayla w says:

    I loved this such a great workout combined with inspirational words .

  32. Kim Bajorek says:

    GReat video! Thanks. Didn't mind the music, but definitely needed more cues! Thank you, just the same!

  33. This is a lovely routine but not for me. There is very little cueing so I found myself craning my neck to see what was being done. A flow was demonstrated on one side and then you were left to do it on your own on the other side. I guess I'm not advanced enough to do that so I gave up midway through. 🙁

  34. Natasha F says:

    WHERE can I get these amazing gym outfits?I NEED THEM <3

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