FL2k 2016 Bikini Contest

http://www.fl2k.com/ Hot bikini models compete in the 2016 FL2k Bikini Contest in Bradenton, Florida. The girls were competing for $1,750 with $1,000 to the winner, sponsored by Bartow StingRay Chevrolet. To order full contest click the link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/fl2kcontest

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21 Responses

  1. D33Lux xx says:

    Best one was the blonde at 3:32

  2. Fuckin hatin ass losers in the comments lol.

  3. Wesley C says:

    All ladies are worn off, there showing off.

  4. Nice video. How far is that place away from Miami?

  5. Nate Taylor says:

    These girls have guts. 100+ creepy horny guys watching them

  6. nilbog44 says:

    nicole….. what happened. time to retire

  7. Excelente aportación.
    Lindas mujeres.

  8. sweet! Ashley lands is in my exercising braless video…. i thought i recognized her! sweet vid!

  9. paxton989 says:

    the girl who liked rap music. Just wow

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