Bikini Body Pilates

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35 Responses

  1. Cee Ave says:

    ANOREXIA is just as unhealthy as obesity

  2. Amber Raisor says:

    I would LOVE more FSS Pilates!!!

  3. you body is like a Ballerina thin. i want build some some muscle I am on the wrong site

  4. Amanda, honest question: Are you capable of doing this entire workout yourself? 

  5. SuperVroni80 says:

    Sorry girl but that doesn't look strong, healthy or sexy…..that's anorexic.

  6. Leah Vazquez says:

    Pilates real time would be great! 

  7. love you and your videos. they are a part of my daily routine. Greetings from Germany.

  8. Zenn Exile says:

    You know that sound that mayonnaise makes when you stir it?

  9. J.M. Studios says:

    Shut up and go play some more final fantasy.

  10. There is a fine line between healthy skinny and too skinny. No offence you are a fitness role model and you look like you are sick i bet a lot of pro ana girls are watching your vids.

  11. amanda Kerns says:

    She does not look healthy, scary skinny, inhospitable giant socks give her tiny legs some more volume.

  12. kulebra97 says:

    Obviously that word was supposed to be "now". Ugh

  13. kulebra97 says:

    Dearest Amanda, you inspired me! I found your videos 1 year ago. I am not healthier, have incorporated exercise into my daily routine and am running again (something I never thought possible). Thank you, thank you for showing me fitness IS FUN!!!!!!

  14. Tanya Frey says:

    I hate negative comments against. You are a beautiful, strong athlete. Just because you are not a professional runner does not mean you would not keep your bodies athletic look. How can anyone think your too skinny when you are so strong? If only they would try to execute workouts just like you they would see how hard it is. You are such a marvelous person…I know hurtful comments will not go away I just wish there was a chance to get rid of ignorance. Hope your week will be amazing.

  15. jennabe8e says:

    And I do not condone ANY of the hate/bully comments who just crap all over you. I love your workouts and your idea of promoting health and fitness to all. I'm just playing devil's advocate here and sitting on the other side of it from the many many girls out there who see "fitness" and "healthy" and see you being so so so skinny. They put the two together and most, if not ALL cannot look llike you unless they do it in a unhealthy way.

  16. jennabe8e says:

    Amanda, you HAVE to understand at least a little where ppl are coming from with all the "skinny" "anorexic" comments. I get that some ppl ARE, infact, just naturally skinny/thin. BUT you are promoting health/fitness and you don't look healthy. Find another fitness instructor/health promoter who looks like you and is healthy I will shut my mouth and eat my words. Show me a doctor's report that says you are healthy and don't need to gain weight and I will eat my words. What is your bodyfat%???

  17. Eveline Ewe says:

    Can I know if I'm doing sometimes wrong because my back hurts like hell doing this

  18. vanlycan says:

    love your videos and workouts, and they really do work. I've been working out for years but my abs have never hurt so much than when I do your workouts. You're inspiring and motivating so many people, and helping to produce some fantastic bodies.

  19. AMAZING Comment – thank you Rebecca, you bring up a strong point, and something people need to consider before they judge!

  20. Thank you for being supportive and pro-active in your response – I truly value you that girlfriend!

  21. Celeste O. says:

    Thank you Amanda, I have incorporated your workouts to my routines and my abs are looking better. Thank you 🙂

  22. Where did you get your leg warmers? 🙂

  23. Ugh! People! You can tell when people are skinny because they under eat vs thin because they naturally are, you have glowing skin, and full cheeks. not to mention your super strong! Like you would be if you didn't eat! Every ones bodies are different! I have a big booty! Some girls have big chests! some have flat chests, some of us are tall, some of us are short, blond, brunette, black, white we are all different its awesome! You're great Amanda.

  24. Thank you so much for this sweet comment <3 love your positivity

  25. You are pretty!! It's okay if you're skinny, you're born this way! BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! <3

  26. thanks for this comment 🙂 Just the sun!

  27. Check out my Why are you so skinny video! Have a great day

  28. sorry lovely, you look too skinny, we see your defenition that's for shure, but it dosn't look healthy…

  29. CSLT99 says:

    Great workout! Just finished doing this in my hotel room! Perfect on-the-go workout!
    Love your hair up like that and you are so pretty and tanned. Did you use any products to help with the tan?

  30. Check out my Why are you so skinny video please! xo

  31. BailandoLee says:

    Agree. Amanda IS beautiful….but seriously, you should not be able to see each vertebrae…please be careful, Amanda….a few extra pounds are not an enemy.

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