NEW YEAR NEW BIKINIS: Cupshe Try-On Haul!!


Hey guys, I filmed a bikini try-on haul and my honest review of Cupshe bathing suits:) I really hope you guys enjoy, and I love youuu!!

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(5%off$50 Code: YTJAN)

Products links: (all in size medium)







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★FYI: I don’t own an of the music played in the video, all rights go to the respective owner(s)!

thank you for watching, i love you so much and i’ll see you in my next video my beautiful muffins!

xo, tamara

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39 Responses

  1. do a workout routine videoooeoeooe

  2. Ellie Hoffey says:

    What size did you buy for these? I’m trying to figure out what size I am in their swimwear.

  3. How old are you?

    I'm new in this channel and I'm from México

  4. chicha fur says:

    loving the vids happy new year

  5. I just started watching and she gives me Emma Chanberlain-ish vibes and I think she deserves more subs!😊

  6. Tom Dorrans says:

    holy god, she is doing a bikini video in winter! this is a dream for me

  7. These swimmers are so cute!! 💕

  8. Noah Baker says:

    Hy even though I am a guy I only wear female clothing any specific one's from the video you would recommend getting or would you recommend all of them and any advice on getting a bf? I only weigh 120lbs if that helps.

  9. David Buenos says:

    1:03 its been 14 days since winter started . there is 76 days until winter ends.

  10. Liam Webber says:

    She looks amazing in the bikini at the clip at 3:30, her body is so bomb

  11. Omg your videos are so good, I'm obsessed!!!!!!
    Ive literally just found you today and been binge watching your videos.
    Love your personality and just the overall vibe of your channel is amazing <3

  12. Isaac Ward says:

    Oh god, you are so amazing! thanks for doing another bikini video xx

  13. NyaMarie13 says:

    These suitss😍😍😍 also WORKOUT ROUTINE PLEASE

  14. 1:55😍😍 you look so good baby youre so sexy keep it up honey😘😉😍

  15. What's that in your bellybutton?

  16. their packaging is cute asl + so is that yellow swimsuit 😍😍

  17. Only Tamara can make a bikini haul in winter💕

  18. Love the bikinis💖💖👌🏾👌

  19. joy renae says:

    where are your lights from ?

  20. love this video so much tamara and you inspire me to keep making videos even though I just started and only have 100 subscribers! ly:))

  21. Pin this if you are proud of what you achieved!💕Love from Texas 🙂

  22. Lol same! Where I live, (Florida) there’s like no seasons 😂

  23. Where do u live? Not being a creep just wondering cause u said it’s not cold there 😊

  24. Also today's my birthday! 1-3-06 I was born

  25. Please watch my video I love your videos

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