My body healing trip to Bali Indonesia gave me a opportunity to capture some stunning footage of my partner Laura who has become a glamour bikini model. She enjoys posing for the camera and has a beautiful figure as you can see. The shooting location was Graha Moding Villas, Bali Ubud. This accommodation has spectacular views and is a breath-taking place to visit. This is just a intro of Laura posing. We will be doing a lot of travel shoots. Laura wants a career in model. You heard the saying “IF YOU GOT IT, FLUNT IT” & “IF YOU ENJOY IT DO IT”. We were in Bali for 26 days before venturing to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand

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  1. 1st… Welcome to Heaven…. Thank you for the inspiration & motivation: Eight Miles from Home, Jean Holy Smithereens, Jacky from Germany, durianrider, The Sundancefamily, JubrilAgoro, rachybop, MT World, & Lost LeBlanc

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