Total Gym Swimsuit-Ready Workout – Week 1 – Total Gym Pulse – Total Gym Home Exercise Equipment. Save Money and Time, all in the comfort of your home!

Fitness Professional Maria Sollon Scally begins an all-new “swimsuit-ready” 6-week workout series. This series is aimed at blasting muscles in short, intense intervals to maximize fat loss leaving you looking your best! Make sure to check back for next week!

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11 Responses

  1. I see the "How it works" line for performing the exercises back to back w/ 30-60 secs of rest b/w moves, but how many reps of each move or for how long are we supposed to do each move in each circuit? That is somewhat important to know. Is it just up to the individual?

  2. Sharon Linzy says:

    I would like to follow this 6 week routine to get back into shape, how many times per week should I perform these exercises before moving on to week 2 and so on?

  3. can you get a tighter waist, but still keep your curves? I want to have strong obliques, but I dont want so much muscle built on my sides that it causes me to lose my waist line curves…if that makes sense 🙂

  4. Liane Waugh says:

    I suffer from vertigo csn I use total gym as a rowing machine

  5. Jodi Bell says:

    Hi Maria! Nice videos. Jesse got me the total gym for the house so I'm happy you made this.

  6. I had 3 back to back pregnancies, I have never been "thin" but I've always been fit, my tummy muscles are mushy, what exercises should I start with? I have to start slow and build up, I just did 20 minutes and my arms and legs are killing me but that was just arms and legs, what can I do for my tummy??

  7. Ellen Ellis says:

    your background is so dismal! Can't you do something!!!

  8. Thank you so much😊 hopefully you will make more videos. Love all them. If you do make more? Make them in week plans again thanks again

  9. How many reps of each exercise do you do?

  10. Robyn Blake says:

    How long should the workout last?

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