12 Mistakes That Make You Look Bad in Beach Photos

We all want vacation pictures that will be cool enough to show to our friends and post on social networks. However, ridiculous posture or the wrong angle make us hide most of the pictures in the depths of our gadget’s memory.
Here are the 12 most common mistakes we make when posing for summer photos. From now, you will be worthy of magazine covers on your pictures!

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“Double” leg 0:46
Knees facing the camera 1:18
View from the top 1:47
An accent is not on the face 2:19
Too close to the water 2:55
On the knees 3:30
Soldier position 3:59
Feet facing the camera 4:36
Same pictures 5:06
Knees close to the chest 5:34
Don’t lean on things 6:06
Watch your posture 6:37
Bonus 7:09

– The wrong position: your legs are in the same line, creating an effect of a “wide” leg and spoiling a beautiful picture.
– When the knees face the camera, the body and limbs look short.
The half-turned position is the correct one. It emphasizes the curves, and the legs are clearly seen.
– A view from above disrupts the proportions of the face. The neck disappears, and everything becomes heavy.
– The correct position is the same position from a different angle. The focus should be on the face. Also, you will feel more comfortable in this pose.
– If the chin is too close to the water, the neck will disappear, and the proportions of the face will be broken.
– This pose can make your waist and the lower part of your legs “disappear.” It simply looks unnatural.
– This pose deprives the body of curves, the person looks angular, and the knees completely disappear.
– The more the foot is directed into the camera, the shorter the legs will seem.
Therefore, you should turn a little. Then you’ll get beautiful, clear, curved lines.
– The closer the legs are to the chest, the more it violates the proportions of your body.
– When the hand supports the head, it makes the picture heavy, and the person looks tired.
– Don’t slouch. All you need to make the pose more elegant is to straighten your back. And this rule works not only during photo shoots.
– A wrong pose with a bright, sincere, and emotional picture will please others and get into your memory album.

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  1. Golden Beach says:


  2. I'd only date her in the photos on the right…

  3. It doesn't look gorgeous… RIGHT?!?!?!? 6:48

  4. do you have any tips but for men 😂😂😂

  5. The solution for #7 breaks the rule for #12

  6. I was expecting beach pictures, not pool pictures -_-

  7. i was just looking for cute and creative pics to take at the pool im not an instagram baddy and i definently dont want to look thirsty XD

  8. Nana Rsay says:

    5:19 a kid is messing with his swimming dippers on the right pick in the background

  9. Gwen Sevilla says:

    @ #5 I thought both legs must be seen is it different?

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  11. Turn sideways and have a nice posture. Done

  12. l hate you from oliwia😈 and barbora👎😈

  13. amber cullen says:

    idk y I'm watching this… I'm really photo genic

  14. Dawn E says:

    When you are older a photo that hides the neck and makes the face look wider is a good thing.

  15. Diana Buck says:

    How about actually looking like you're actually on vacation? Some of these poses are just weird for when you're supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself.

  16. "It looks unnatural" yeah because these poses look super natural, who needs to look perfect on beach photos? It's important to capture the funny moments omg!

  17. Noodle hair says:

    why am i watching this, i dont even go to the beach or take pictures or go outside in general

  18. PandaPup says:

    Well I don't even know why I'm watching this… I take pictures for memories… And show my besties.. not to post to a magazine in hopes of being a model. -.-

  19. Don't lean on things but please do lean on the floor and do the half lying pose

  20. FS J says:

    Thank you 😊
    Posing in the right positions
    and angles does make a huge difference 🦋😁🦋

  21. What if i dont want to turn sideways?. I love my body so who cares what people say. Those people don't pay my rent neither my bills so why should i care about their opinions?.

  22. Whow thank you for this video. X

  23. Wait, the right position at 3:57 looks like the wrong position on the first beach picture

  24. don't agree with all these "rules" and some are ok in this one and not in the next.  also when you have a body like she does almost anything works.   if she had a few pounds on her some of the poses would not work at all.  the main thing is look natural and not posed.

  25. Number 8
    Gonna go get meh ruler!

  26. Number 11
    What's wrong with short bodies….hmmm?

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