Bikini & Body Shaming! – ft. PANI Swimwear

Wearing a bikini in India, How to Be Body Confident + Pani Swimwear Haul

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* Video is in paid association. However, as you can tell in the video itself the brand stands for the right values and the products are absolutely amazing. They share my values, and hence a brand I am definitely happy to associate with!


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37 Responses

  1. *yes, Video is in paid association.

    However, as you can tell in the video itself the brand stands for the right values and the products are absolutely amazing.

    They are so body positive, so encouraging for all shapes and sizes, even their bikini models are of all shapes and sizes!

    Pani is a brand I am PROUD to associate with!

  2. Di can you please review oriflame product's 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Akshay M says:

    Damn girl….yr face looks so PLUMP….fat n round.. ewwww😬😬

  4. Prachi di can I get your email id. I really want to write a letter and also I don't know but is 'smile with prachi' no more happening?

  5. Ruchi kumari says:

    Hiii dii… Please do a review on Mixify Unlock skin glow serum…Your review are 100% genuine and trustworthy please

  6. Di requesting so so much .please make a video on how to increase eye power

  7. Ramani Roy says:

    Prachi di ur top in this video so adorable 😍😍😍😘👌👌💟💞💗💕

  8. hey ma'am.. its my humble request plz make a comparison video of wet n wild foundation and Maybelline fit me foundation .. i have dry skin nd i m very much confused to buy …

  9. I recently found u on YouTube and u r such a wonderful and open minded girl… seriously m a big fan of urs😍😍😍..

  10. Thanks for sharing with us sis 😘

  11. oy sona says:

    You should get more subscribers then prajkta ✌

  12. kajol kajol says:

    Do video on work outs u do daily plz

  13. Hi Prachi di, u r looking naturally beautiful 😍😘🤗👌👌 today's topic was good

  14. Suuuch an inspiration! You go girl! Way to use your channel for good! ❤️u

  15. talk about body hair pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Thnx a lot baby I’m planning a beach vacation n I was hesitant in wearing beach wear but I’m sure this will b a great help thnx once again…..

  17. Just wear shorts & t-shirts and enjoy your swim 😋 – not as if you are participating on a swim team! why the need of stressing over body shapes etc. and frankly 4.5K for a 1 piece suit is height of stupidity!

  18. can you do a tryon instead? Thank you

  19. Afsana Saba says:

    prachi di ap bht cute ho r meri favourite v ho.apki smile mjhe bht psnd h r apki eyes bht psnd h

  20. Prachi your tops looks awesome where did you buy this top please send me link

  21. shanmu p says:

    Hii Dr I started to c u r video newly u r tips r really good and I have a kid six months old my skin get more dark aft n before delivery.. Help me out with this problem Dr.. One good product to use.. And I have a one question when to apply sunscreen before applying Moisturiser

  22. Miss_ Aisi says:

    I hope every video of urs reach every woman in this country and the rest of the world ! We really need this kinda positivity . U r a such a blessing di! ❤️

  23. Asfa Naaz says:

    Di face pe stich ke mark ko light krne ke liye koi solution

  24. Leela Murali says:

    Even Im going through body shaming for a long time, I'm comfortable for what I'm but people don't get that donno why
    Thanks for the wonderful video

  25. Gunja Sahu says:

    Hey.. thank-you for the video…n I love yoooou so much😘😘😘🤗🤗

  26. Love love how you look in this top Prachi 🤩🤩 Where did you get it from??

  27. You look a lot like Deepika Padukone Prachi!!:)

  28. Prachi di your videos are the best💕❤ love you and your content. Amazing 💕😍god bless you 😘😘

  29. You always break the stereotypes. Love you always😘😍

  30. kanika Gupta says:

    Dude I just love you for your positivity and broad mindset 🌸

  31. Raj Police says:

    क्या आप हिंदी में बोल सकती हैं…प्लीज

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