Bikini Try On and Haul – 2018 Chixit Swimwear – Modeled by Teen Swimsuit Model Samantha Beining

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This will help kick start my “Walk to Care Project” where I raise money to support families who need assistance with health care costs.

I would like to document some of America’s favorite activities like walking, swimming, paddleboarding as friendly encouragement to enjoy an hour of exercise about 3 days per week.

Ultra Lightweight fast drying polyester 2 piece string swim bikini with inner liner. Fabric with classic white logo. Licensed Chixit apparel @chixit

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47 Responses

  1. Jake Pople says:

    Sorry i stopped watching 10 seconds in. How old are you????

  2. Great job. Great cause keep it up

  3. fturla says:

    The bikini colors and design are okay. The problem I have is that the ties for both the tops and bottoms seem too long and maybe obstructive or interfere in any daily routines. As someone who swims frequently, any designs or structured swimwear with minimal or no ties is better for competitive swimming and leisure activity.

  4. jorge ruiz says:

    Your tummy is AmZing and eyes are so dreamy 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. This girl is so hot and sexy looking and she looks best in the pink bikini!

  6. f . a says:

    Quisiera besar tu culito 😍🤗😋

  7. ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Чипсы чипсы ,Вешалка.

  9. 腰のところにある「えくぼ」が好きなんだよね。

  10. You are looking very nice or beautiful in all of the bikinis ❤️

  11. Barbie me hubiera gustado que yo te pusiera todo ese repertorio de trajesitos ricos mami mmmm.

  12. Comfy Kitten says:

    Great video! You are adorable! Subbed 🙂

  13. Amiga linda gata fofa maravilhosa magnífica vc já é princesa de Jesus ✌👅❤😎😃😀😄😁😇😍😘

  14. Hot and sexy bikini top and bottom

  15. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    perfection. the bottoms fit perfectly.

  16. Matt Larson says:

    You are absolutely beautiful! I'm actually a professional photographer. You'd make a great model!

  17. Jeff Tyler says:

    O my gosh you are so so beautiful wow

  18. schumi. 90 says:

    hi, you are very beautiful, i like all bikini colours!!

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