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  1. Najpiękniejsze kobietki na świecie. A rokująca największe nadzieje na najlepsze wyniki to Dani Reardon.

  2. Migs says:

    Love fitness women .

  3. Jody Ramsay, Dana Linn Bailey won physique and she doesn't have fake breast. If you want to GO FOR IT!!

  4. deacon711 says:

    Who's that at 4:52??? Daddy Likeeeee!!!

  5. who is the girl of the minute 3:013:073:23?

  6. Jonas Meyer says:

    my favorit is kira neuman in this video

  7. They are the sexiest female body type.

  8. wow!!!!!! so them muscular

  9. Jr Elohim says:

    i wonder what god thinks of women bodybuilders o. o

  10. Devin Fulton says:

    I wish those women was my girlfriend

  11. Jody Ramsay says:

    can they win without fake breasts? i would like to do figure but don't want to be fake

  12. Joshua yang says:

    Women should focus on definition of muscles, not like make where we want to build the muscle to gain mass.

    Just my 2 cents!

  13. idwtbam says:

    The music's so epic. Where is that instrumental (besides on the DVD they're selling)?

  14. heelboy says:

    Everyone of these women represents what all women should aspire to look like. No fat, weak sisters. Just pure beautiful female muscle!

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