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  1. Najpiękniejsze kobietki na świecie. A rokująca największe nadzieje na najlepsze wyniki to Dani Reardon.

  2. Jody Ramsay, Dana Linn Bailey won physique and she doesn't have fake breast. If you want to GO FOR IT!!

  3. deacon711 says:

    Who's that at 4:52??? Daddy Likeeeee!!!

  4. who is the girl of the minute 3:013:073:23?

  5. Jonas Meyer says:

    my favorit is kira neuman in this video

  6. They are the sexiest female body type.

  7. Jr Elohim says:

    i wonder what god thinks of women bodybuilders o. o

  8. Devin Fulton says:

    I wish those women was my girlfriend

  9. Jody Ramsay says:

    can they win without fake breasts? i would like to do figure but don't want to be fake

  10. Joshua yang says:

    Women should focus on definition of muscles, not like make where we want to build the muscle to gain mass.

    Just my 2 cents!

  11. idwtbam says:

    The music's so epic. Where is that instrumental (besides on the DVD they're selling)?

  12. heelboy says:

    Everyone of these women represents what all women should aspire to look like. No fat, weak sisters. Just pure beautiful female muscle!

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