Arnold Classic Physique, Fitness, Figure & Women's Physique International Finals

ASF TV is the Official Channel of the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sports festival in the world.

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25 Responses

  1. Camera man is fucking shit with his angles fuck

  2. csvegso says:

    1500$, 2000$ and 5000$ for the first 3 places of Classic Physique on Arnold USA? Please tell me this is just a joke …

  3. 2:12 which company is she represent?

  4. Mark Bates says:


  5. pain killer says:

    어휴~ 남자야 여자야 ~ㅉㅉ 가슴엔 전부 실리콘 삽입 ㅉㅉ

  6. Bryan Tittle says:

    Who won the transgender catagory?

  7. Ian Anthony says:

    Gotta get those implants to confuse the judges, right babe?

  8. Scott D says:

    This figure ladies strike the perfect balance. Just so perfect!

  9. darrenr says:

    5k top prize for Natalia is shocking 😮

  10. eggorchicken says:

    What song was playing for Whitney Jones?

  11. All the competitors Are Stunning. Each one is a Champion IMO. U Goooo Ladies👍🏆

  12. bfit00 says:

    Next year please turn down the background music so we can hear the athletes routines music.

  13. Utterly dismal the crap livestream music plays through fitness routines.

  14. SymbianBlack says:

    The audio was intentionally bad for the women's physique routines

  15. Ujiboh 1902 says:

    Steve Laures was the most beautiful and SEXY

  16. Not the best idea to put a random track over the music when people are doing their individual routines.

  17. Arnold: "Hey George show your vacuum pose" George: "I can't do a vacuum" tries to hit vacuum, vacuum non-existent Arnold: "See that's what I'm talking about look at his vacuum"….. I mean you just can't write this stuff lmao

  18. That has got to be the WORST FUCKING ANNOUNCER EVER!!! NO Build up, cant pronounce names properly, his antics and side comments suck..gtf out of here

  19. Ola Justin says:

    Failing a vacuum in front of The Governator… 🤭

  20. TheMelloMan says:

    Steve was looking really good..

  21. Linovds says:

    – Arnold: show me your vacuum pose
    "George peterson shows worst vacuum ever"
    – Arnold: that's what i'm talking about
    Is this a joke

  22. CE Fittness says:

    Kinda was hoping that Steve was going to win, but I see why they gave it to George.

  23. willruth335 says:

    What is the male announcer's name?

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