Bikini Model Stops Traffic on 7th Avenue – IBMS

Bikini model’s pose for a group photo outside of Coyote Ugly before the IBMS bikini contest on 7th Avenue in the Ybor City district, Tampa, Florida. Fourteen ladies compete in the contest. Be sure to stay tuned for the contest exclusively on our channel.

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9 Responses

  1. Dani Miller says:

    The yellow bikinis make the girls look more tan.  Note to self…

  2. I love the fourth girl from the left. She is my kind of girl very hot and sexy.

  3. We need this on 7th ave in new york

  4. Alex Zee says:

    Who's the model who stopped traffic? What's her name? They all look great by the way.

  5. ok, that's great.  7th AVE WHERE.  Ain't doin your promos any favors…….

  6. Ben G says:

    was the guy in the truck on his way to RYC?

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