BIKINI TRY ON HAUL | NEW! Fairy Season Swimsuits

One of the WORST Bikini Try On Hauls I have ever done !! Watch me try on 9 NEW Fairy Season Bikinis! This was one was almost a complete fail, however there were a few GEM’s in there. Watch the wins and fails!

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21 Responses

  1. Kat Wonders says:

    Hey Everyone! Which swimsuit did you like the MOST and the LEAST? I'd love to hear!! Also, check out the extra content on my PATREON page! xoxoxo

  2. Kat, me gusta tu sensualidad, te amo

  3. doubleglazed says:

    There's some nice views in Canada!

  4. You are the perfect girl to me.💘,you would look better without all that.

  5. I Love you kat 💖💝💗💘❤
    Kis 😘😙😚😍

  6. Jesus …Mary…and Joesph…ABSOLUTELY fucking crazy beautiful…my goodness girl.

  7. que hermoso te queda el color negro convina con tu piel

  8. Dear Kat view of your room is too narrow we can see your face and whole body together sometimes we can’t see even whole body. You should make your recording in a more bigger area with a larger view. We love you!

  9. Any girl watching this video ??

  10. Damn! This is still on my timeline? 10M views you doing your thing girl!!!

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