How To A Get Bikini Body — For Feminists!

How do you get a bikini body? Step one, have a body. Step two, put on a bikini.

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34 Responses

  1. RIP X says:

    This is why Filthy Frank made KYS

  2. Chasey Rowe says:

    тупые жирные фемки

  3. Raging Gamer says:

    These beached Wales are just mad, sad, and jealous that men won't hit them up cause they're fat, so they made this bullshit thing about fat acceptance

  4. Anyone from Nate talks to you ?

  5. st00g3y says:

    I looked up "feminist cringe"… I was not let down.

  6. This, people is assisted suicide.

  7. You mean people who don’t care about their bodies and have no self control so they try to blame others and make light of it

  8. No U says:

    0:13 not gonna lie the girl on the right is kinda cute tho

  9. Exercise is manipulating your natural shape…clearly I'm oppressing myself

  10. This is buzzfeed right?

  11. Amy R C says:

    Its good for your brain to be challenged so it can think for itself and not be lazy reading things that just butter up your unhealthy menatality

  12. Big Grundo says:

    Lmao the negress with the one leg hahahahhaha.

  13. Dewa Dewi says:

    Colored hair ? check
    Fat? Check
    Stupid? Check
    Cringe? Double check

    Congratulation , you are identified as denial idiotic toxic feminazy

  14. Volt Sling says:

    Just making a video stating this bull… Like improvement isn't an option. It's always an option ya'll just don't wanna make the effort to make that dream of being thinner a reality. Ridiculous, not to mention encouraging unhealthy habits, the amount of ignorance put into this video astounds me. It's not unnatural for people to want to be better than what they are, I'm not the most healthy person, and I'm kinda chubby, but I'm taking steps to change that. Not eating so many unhealthy foods and exercising, I want to be better and this delusion of forcing your beliefs onto other people is just damaging. It makes me feel like I shouldn't try to improve myself. The lie that "you're perfect just the way you are!" is nothing more than that, a delusion. No one is perfect, there is room for improvement in everyone, regardless if you're too dumb to see that or not. I just hope that no person actually listens to what this video is saying for their own sake.

  15. "everybody is a bikini body" no that's just not true, most people dont like to see obese women without clothes, and a bikini body is meant to be something most people like and is attractive, which is why it's so sought after. Though for something that IS true, is that everybody isn't disgustingly fat and thinks it's healthy and okay, I'm not saying its ugly to be fat because there are some people who pull it off, but I'm saying that you gotta lose some weight so you don't die at the ripe ol' age of 34 of a heart attack and that most people don't think that being obese is sexy. How about you spend time trying to make the people who have legit medical problems feel better about themselves? Amputees like in this video, people with skin disorders, etc. Not people who can't stop shoving food down their gob for 5 seconds.

  16. Just Brams says:

    I'm just gonna leave my dislike in every feminist video i find

  17. KlueZ says:

    0:15, you telling me the cave man aren't natural. All the things humans have done made you fat. Please stfu, being fat isn't normal. Mother nature made us perfect, but you fucked yourself up

    0:28. Normal people can get abs in 2 weels. Unfortunatefly you're not normal. Suprise, suprise 🙊🙊🙊.

    0:36. Wanna be attractive to other people, no? Ok nvm then.

    0:46. Everything needs to be in proportion, of course a fat ass shouldn't eat nothing, but they should decrease the out of proporion food category. Fat people be eating out of proportion. *sarcastic as fuck wink

  18. hello there says:

    Goddamn it i thought its a video ranting thus video ffs

  19. M D says:

    These are the most punchable faces I've ever seen in my life.

  20. Shut yo skin tone, chicken bone, google chrome, no home, flip phone, disowned, ice cream cone, garden gnome, extra chromosome, metronome, dimmadome, genome, full blown, monochrome, student loan, indiana jones, overgrown, flint stone, x and y hormone, friend zone, Sylvester Stallone, orgasmic moan, kill zone, methadone, thunder dome, eldritch tome, cosmodrome, flying drone, Sierra Leone, auto zone, professionally seen silver patrone, leave me alone, hearthstone, herringbone, aerodrome, hippodrome, semidome, full-grown, earphone, ozone, jawbone, unknown homophone, xylophone, ingrown, cyclone head ass up

  21. Cole Pratt says:

    1.) Wow getting fit is not nearly as difficult as you make it out to be, you're simply just too lazy to workout, it took me just over a month to get a six pack and I literally worked out for like a half hour a day, and took a break every 4 days. Being thin and looking good in a bikini is not "unobtainable", you getting more likes than dislikes is

    2.) "Wanna turn your flab into abs in two weeks? Well that's too bad because that's not how exercise works!" Wow, I'm so sorry you can't be bothered to workout for more than two weeks, yeah whale girl might have to spend a few months to get in shape, not everything is going to happen in your timeframe you morons

    3.) You ever wonder if people are trying to HELP when they say what your body should look like? It a doctor told you that you were going to die early because you're overweight and presents a diet and exercises routine to help you, are you going to get "offended"?

    4.) How ironic that the only fit girl here is missing a leg, but also how dare you use a maimed woman to peddle your feminst agenda

    5.) Yes, you need to eat to perform basic humans functions but eating three times your weight in big macs is unhealthy…THATS SCIENCE gay ass wink

    6.) "The inequality women have been facing for hundreds of years" Oh my god…by saying "have been" you're implying that its still going on, it's not…wheres your proof? Why do feminists always say all this shit but have no resources to back their arguments? (that was rhetorical I know why)

    7.) Find me a book written by a well credited author, who says fat girls look good in a bikini. The book covers they showed in the video screamed toxic feminst trash

    8.) Yeah I can't tell you how many times I've seen a girl at the beach in a bikini and thought "Damn! She's got a FIIIIIIINE brain!" But seriously, what does your brain have to do with physical attractiveness?

    9.) "Casually reflecting the male gaze" Trust me, no men are are gazing at any of you because contrary to popular belief, fat people ARENT beautiful!

    10.) "Every body is a beach body and aspirational tropes of beauty are 100% BS" I'm pretty sure I've covered this before but fat people arent beautiful…at all, so stop saying they are. Instead of sitting there, fat as all hell, saying "my body is beutufl just the way it is!" Get up off your ass and try making a change, but don't lie to yourself

    What a miserable failure…

  22. Elsa Anna says:

    The fact that this video even exists makes me lose all faith in humanity. The dislike to like ratio restores it again.

  23. lily liyana says:

    Uhm.. what? Why do all feminists look identical? You know what i mean.

  24. Mac Manic says:

    I have officially lost faith in humanity

  25. Your Mom says:

    Please let’s burn America

  26. Yeah so apparentally being obese isn't dangerous. Damn I wish I had known of this sooner.

  27. Somewhere in America a gym just rolled its eyes

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