Hannibal Interviews Bikini Athlete Shaunna Marie

Hannibal Interviews National NCP Bikini Athlete Shaunna Marie

The Hannibal TV lead reporter Hannibal interviews National NCP Bikini Athete Shaunna Marie at the 2019 Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus Ohio! Shaunna discusses some of her placings, future aspirations, fitness tips and more plus she also poses!


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13 Responses

  1. James8107 says:

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned she looks and sounds like Danica Patrick lol.

  2. Until.shes naked not interested.

  3. John Wolf says:

    I would love to eat her pussy

  4. john carnall says:

    That's a weird looking microphone

  5. What About says:

    Wow, all that ass caught me off guard, the best one and then Paige.

  6. krillin876 says:

    I will never understand female bodybuilding, maybe I am missing something…when you look at her body, it is top notch. What makes a woman not strive for that body…but want a juiced up body?

  7. Mark Tinker says:

    I am liking this channel more every day. Great job, Sir.

  8. david bass says:

    She wins !!!!! Great channel sir.

  9. Really man… I want your job!!!…🤙😎🤘

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