Bikini Models Wipeout Compilation

During the Waterbabies Bikini Model Search some of the models go to Surf Style in Clearwater Beach, Florida. They have a good time attempting to surf and knee board at the surf shop in their Flowrider indoor surfing wave machine creating some great wipeout videos in the process.

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19 Responses

  1. Tell me when the guy resigns from the job.

  2. Hannah Poh says:

    I hava done that before but not the standing up thing it was fun

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  4. sam 1515 says:

    whos here for there bodies? 😁

  5. josh c says:

    Marsha Blackburn is a old smelly whore

  6. I bet of they were skydiving & had seconds before they hit the ground & somehow the bikini top blew off & they had to either pull the Parachute cord, or cover their top, they wouldnt be here anymore lol

  7. All are not innosent are ignorent

  8. Gary Ng says:

    fantastic sport but I saw a Chinese dog here

  9. Matthew F. says:

    Surf style Clearwater Beach, FL . Love that place!

  10. phoenix 1 says:

    We didn't get to see any panties pulling out of the crack 😂

  11. While some bikini models try surf boarding in between the competition when they create some wipeout videos as it could be even more hilarious if the models did loose parts of their bikini.

  12. i dint like seeing pepple get hurt whos with me .

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