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45 Responses

  1. if this is illegal to fuk then something is seriously wrong with the laws. thats a grown ass woman who can have kids.

  2. I hope you all came into a prison.

  3. Clemon Tine says:

    What the hell
    what the fuck

  4. #youtubewakeup pedophilies are watching it, this girl is a child, not a top model

  5. AnFista says:

    Are those people for real?

  6. Officer I told you she told me its was 18

  7. Nigiri says:

    Thats why i murdered my clan

  8. Came from pewdiepies video, he talked about YouTubes problem with copyrighted material and unfair and badly fuctioning filtering….
    Can't fucking believe what im seeing
    this is fucking absurd….

  9. ghostbuster says:

    I am touching my girlfriend asshole

  10. Xiaxci says:

    she doesnt look 14. she looks like shes in her late 20's.

  11. Paul Mall says:

    God, having her in your class at 14? I'd have died.

  12. Danny Casino says:

    You guys are a bunch of perverts she's a little girl I could tell none of you guys have any daughters because if you did he would have more respect I have a 7 year old daughter and to think this girl is only 7 years older than my little baby ridiculous you guys need a woman in your life and need to get laid maybe then you will stop looking at little girls in a sexual way….

  13. Joe Trout says:

    “Officer how the hell did i know she was 12 she looked 14!”

  14. Sully09 says:

    That's a goddamn Stargate.

  15. Age is just a number

    And jail is just a room

  16. Steven Ward says:

    pure evil

    kinda hot tho…

    FBI!!!!! OPEN UP!!!!!

  17. chaeryeong4L says:

    y’all are goin to jail omfg

  18. Peter O'Tool says:

    I would probably give her a portion of hard cock up her ass

  19. Careful guys, Chris Hansen is waiting backstage…

  20. Heartbeat214 says:

    She couldn't have stuck that pert booty out much farther – I'm sure she gave the sodomites in the audience a thrill.

  21. Ray says:

    stills smells like baby power lol

  22. Quagmire says:

    Only three words to describe this:

    Gigitty Gigitty Alright

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