Natural Light Bikini Beach Photoshoot, Behind the Scenes

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29 Responses

  1. Kai S says:

    how do you get this accurate white balance for video? whats your technique!

  2. D. M. says:

    Hi irene…please shoot your friend Jason. i think he will be a perfect subject….

  3. Abbafan says:

    Спасибо, Ирина!

  4. A N X E R R says:

    Sexy Sexy Sexy Hot Fucking hot..

  5. It's amazing what a good model and Lightroom/ Photoshop can do. Just point and click.

  6. Kevin Myers says:

    STICK PHOTOS!!! ❤❤❤❤

  7. Victor Colon says:

    Do you ever use a reflector? Even with this kind of weak light it would have been a difference. Love the models and how Jason does not have to peak the LCD for reviewing pictures. I'm too a Sony shooter, so it gives me stress to see someone wasting time reviewing an LCD.

  8. Sathis Boy says:

    Oh .. my god .. I don’t how to said

  9. oz developer says:

    I don’t see a point of shooting on the beach if the composition mostly around the model only, without including the beautiful background. 1 out ten for the composition and 10 out of 10 for the models.

  10. Clyde Laya says:

    No offense but i think irene's 5Dm3 photo output kills that a7r2

  11. Why these guy have that equipment? I mean, look at the finish product, i can do it better with the phone

  12. Durst says:

    Love this vid Irene!
    Beautiful "eye candy" ;-D
    Can I come with you next time? LOL
    I especially like Leticia – if you could do more with her…maybe another boudoir series? That would be fantastic.
    Now off to your 500px webpage to see these in larger format! 😀

  13. Simone_eg says:

    Great content but it got a little annoying that the photographer referred to the models just by saying 'the girl/girls' or 'one girl' instead of their name!!!

  14. Noealz Photo says:

    I'm not good at all taking pics of people like this lol

  15. bert21 says:

    this are always fun to watch

  16. I loved the first pixel pic. Crazy.

  17. LadyJaneG says:

    Hi Irene ! Personally I prefer your style !

  18. Mig Gar says:

    In the video he said A7r iii, at 1:16 but it says A7r ii on the pictures. Which one is it ?

  19. William Ng says:

    what filter are you using on Google Pixel ? looks quite nice

  20. Ashok Ramesh says:

    Phone camera is getting better and better. Only matter of time before it will replace dslr.

  21. tony james says:

    Nice work, goes to prove the difference pro models can have on the finished product.

  22. These girls should be photographed behind. Pictures from phone appeared better.

  23. Francis Go says:

    Great video. Love the way Jason use the Google Pixel as another creative vantage of capturing the images. Jason, why when you doing the low angle bikini shots did you not use the screen and facial/eye detect of the Sony?

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