Hey Guys!
My name is Natalie Matthews. I am an IFBB Bikini Profesional athlete in the sport of bodybuilding. Welcome to my Vegan Bikini Prep Diaries (season3).


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37 Responses

  1. Is it organic soy that's used in that cereal?

  2. George cam!! Need more George cam. xD

  3. Thank you for sharing! Lots of competitors go into hiding before they hit the stage… this is so helpful! Best wishes for show day 😊

  4. I was wondering if you support Brittany Dawn cause I saw you following her or did you just not notice what happened?

  5. I follow all your videos and Coach Paul’s too , you are both a huge inspiration to me as I’m competing in my 3rd fitness model show with Pure Elite in the uk BUT this time I’ve done the prep as a vegan 🌱 YAY .. I’m absolutely loving it and my strength and energy has doubled ! Massive good luck Natalie you look incredible! Can’t wait for your next video ❤️👑🌟 go smash it !! Xx

  6. Maria Torres says:

    This is super weird but as soon as you started posing and the music come on I wanted to cry😭 I’ve been watching you for a year and a half and just watching you evolve every prep makes me so emotional and it fires me up so much. So much love ❤️❤️

  7. You are doing well to talk in front of the camera during this time. Tough girl. Can't wait to see you perform.

  8. Chelsea says:

    I love cereal so much!! 😋

  9. Soy is not good on a long turm

  10. Avocados are the best healthy fat

  11. Sh33naW0lf3 says:

    Good luck on Saturday Natalie!!!!!

  12. Nettie says:

    You’re looking SO Good!!! Thanks for another Great video. Good luck this weekend!! I am rooting for ya!

  13. fiona austen says:

    Thx for another great video , can u tell us what ur cardio was? Also U have inspired me to eat less meat. can u tell us any other non meat options besides soy products? Mum died young of breast cancer I have 3 small children so don’t want to condition much soy. Lastly sorry it’s long.. thx for cereal and protein milk tip 🙌🏻👌🏻 gonna give it a try. Best of luck u r amazing hoping u reach ur goal u look incredible xxxx

  14. You don't sound like an idiot! I can't wait to watch you on the Olympia stage this year! Miss Bikini O 2019!

  15. Andrea Kopp says:

    Dear Natalie. You inspired me as an excellent athlete as well as with your vegan lifestyle 🙏💖. Your physique has been already insane 😍💪 your pro debut will be perfect. I've just a little question how you make your protein oats, is it an overnight type? Enjoy this vlog i can not wait the next one 😊😊😊.

  16. Obsidia says:

    You're an inspiration. 🙂

  17. Vindicator says:

    Natalie is ready , and we fans can't wait to see how it all unfolds.  😊

  18. Ah!! I'm so excited to see you compete! I've been looking forward to Saturday this whole week!!!!

  19. Great video! Thanks for sharing!💕😀💪🏻🌱

  20. Dani Berube says:

    You don’t sound like an idiot saying you’ll be on the O stage… you need to manifest it girl!!! You got this!!

  21. Trying that cereal…So glad i found liv body through you.

  22. OMG, George is HYSTERICAL! Love this type of video – where you REALLY GO IN DETAIL on what you eat. I get so confused at times, but you are so good at explaining things for those of us that cannot afford a coach. Thank you again Natalie for ALL that you do, and for who you are. A true giver. You will be GREATLY rewarded!! Not only for what you do, but for what you represent – SAVING THE ANIMALS FROM HUMANITY!!! .:))))) And thank YOU George for being sssssoooo supportive of her. You are a true gentleman. – Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

  23. Love you videos and your husband is hilarious 🤣you look AMAZING😍

  24. Natalie, I look forward to your videos so much! You look absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see how you look on show day (obviously amazing). ❤️

  25. Maggie M says:

    You look absolutely amazing!!

  26. You looked magnificent while posing ❤️ I got goose bumps when you were posing and that background music. 🙈
    All the best girl..

  27. That posing bit was awesome! Can't wait to see how you look once you fill out with da carbzzz 😈🍞

  28. Petra Boros says:

    Good luck Natalie! 😊 Enjoy the showday!

  29. Such a lovely (and funny😂) video 💕 freaking excited for you!

  30. Getting kind of low on my vega protien powder, I pay more than what you mentioned for Liv Fit? I will have to check it out. Thanks again! ❤

  31. Velez_LF says:

    Omg! The editor's cam is hilarious. I can see my husband doing that. 😄

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