We went illegal bridge jumping and this girls top fell off randomly. Anthony kept saying he was going to do a flip into the water but he obviously never did because he is a little girl. enjoy the non dirt bike related video. This is an insane bridge jumping video. ENJOY

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37 Responses

  1. This guys a savage just said fuck it

  2. Green shirt……..lame ass!!!

  3. Fred Herrman says:

    There are some serious midwestern accents going on here.

  4. mitali paul says:

    OMG so many people watching porn.

  5. weird person says:

    Tf what's the point if this video.

  6. Bugra Gul says:

    I’m down the street from that place there is good trails to go riding back there.

  7. I was there before. I didn’t know y’all were In the Rochester area. There’s a four wheeler trail if you go down the bridge into the woods. Have you been to the Batavia track?

  8. Steven P says:

    You really are a fucking cockk suckker

  9. he is a cat he cant do a backflip

  10. I can’t figure out how your shirt looks dry still…

  11. Can someone come and take off my clothes and let me not were anything and underwear I want to be baby without under wear I want to be baby I am boy I am 12 years old I want to pie over myself now I don't wear any clothes I am in magzems hospital I am sure

  12. dmace81 says:

    Looks like a pissed off version of the guy from Gremlins. Where is Gizmo? lmao

  13. Mia Santiala says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ewwwwwwwwww some-one end this

  14. Hey, Tyler you should get a klx 125 you will like it

  15. fast cheeta says:

    is it just me or does one of them sound like tracer

  16. Joel Ansell says:

    I searched up douche last night and a picture of Anthony's face popped up

  17. Kid is legit wearing a shirt

  18. that kid is just funny as shit 😂😂😂

  19. Did u hear the girl when he first jumped, she said "ur classing ur ankles together like an irish person" what's wrong with irish people

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