Bikini Line 101 | Get Rid of Dark Spots, Ingrown Hair, and Pimples!!

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Products mentioned:
Prince Reign Ingrown Hair Serum –
Tend Skin –
Honest Face + Body Moisturizer –
***Very Similar, and more available*** clean-easy Bare-zillian Hard Wax –
Gigi Wax Warmer –
***Very Similar, and more available*** Derma Roller Kit –

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27 Responses

  1. Saba Nawaz. says:

    Been getting my entire body waxed since forever but recently my sensitive skin has been way more sensitive after waxing and I’ve had pimples, inflammation, that last weeks. Especially my stomach for some reason. My skin straight up feels like it’s been through trauma. So I’ve been thinking of switching to shaving, just for my stomach and back maybe. And endure the breakout everywhere else just cuz I don’t think I’m ready to shave entire body. So if anyone has any advice on whether that’ll suit better, lemme know, thnx.

  2. What was the name of that wax?

  3. Rossy Reyes says:

    Do you have any advice for hair on the arms

  4. I shaved my bikini line after not doing it for 6 months and I had THE biggest and blackest razor bumps and ingrown hairs I’ve ever had. It looks gross af and for some reason they won’t go away. They’ve nvr grown in this bad and it usually takes me like 2 weeks to get rid of them but it’s been a month and they’re still there. I’ve used all my normal methods and now I think I have to go to a dermatologist😓

  5. Tahlia Kaye says:

    Damn, your engagement ring is bigger than my future 💍💎

  6. I want to try waxing, but I'm so scared. I feel like it's going to be so PAINFUL. Sucks that I have a really low pain tolerance 😥

  7. Her skin is so nice. I have strawberry legs ( the small dark dots all over my legs) is there a way to get rid of that? Or how to get my skin to look so moistures and plump like yours?

  8. I don’t care what others think of me if I wear a swim suit or bikini

  9. Omg this is the video I need. I look like Chewbacca on my bikini line. I have several scars because of ingrown hair that became infections, omg, so painful and stressful. Thanks

  10. Kylie says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing video!! It really helped me a lot!!! 🙂

  11. Alexis Veal says:

    I can't really afford to get waxing done. But I'm gonna try and exfoliate more

  12. I've tried all these, after so much waxing my hairs are thinner and it is even harder for them to poke through the skin. I've tried everything, am done looking for solutions, laser here I come !

  13. NC3xoxo says:

    Laser is the best option! I tried the philips IPL for home I brought the older Model which is not cable less! Check for older model some of them have offer you pay 200- 350$ and you can use it almost on every body parts! I have been using the Philips lumea advanced for 8 months my hairs are so much thinner some parts I barely have hair anymore! For me best investment ever!

  14. LJ Domino says:

    I dont have hair on my bikini line or atleast its not visible

  15. ur voice is toxic in a goooood way 😇 u seems really educated 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿😘😍

  16. TrashCubed says:

    I am a guy, but this helped me a lot… I love really taking care of my skin! And nothing is better than a real clean shave. Thank you, for teaching me all I am too afraid to ask!

  17. druskie4h says:

    Super informative, quick, easy to understand, clean videos and covers topics that some people are shy to ask or talk about. Love it. First video I watched and subbed. Can’t wait to see all your videos!

  18. where do u get your underwear?

  19. How can I get this product I live Germany

  20. Viktoria A says:

    I have tried waxing but I've changed to sugaring – much more gentle on the skin. The sugar opens the pores, the hair is more easily removed and the paste is pulled off in growth direction, unlike waxing, which goes against it. My skin is so much softer after sugaring than waxing, and unlike waxing I get much less ingrown hairs or even irritation right after. It's also a lot less painful! I recommend at least giving it a try at a good beauty salon! A proper cosmetician will not use paper strips but only the paste itself.

  21. Pragya Rout says:

    We brown girls have dark bikini area.. I wish I was that fair..

  22. Where did you get the product for darkness around bikini area ? It was the green bottle..

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