BIKINI BODY Total Body Workout (Exercises to Get Bikini Ready!!)

Get bikini ready today!

Ladies, bikini season is just a couple months away, and if you’re going on vacation for spring break, it’s even closer! So we’ve got a great bikini body workout for you today that you can do at home. It combines cardio with the best abs, legs, butt and arms moves to give you a killer total body workout!

If you prefer to workout at home, exercises that use little to no equipment are best. All of the exercises in today’s high intensity workout use only your bodyweight, but you won’t believe how challenging they are! The exercises include jump rope, modified burpees, mountain climbers and plyo pushups. Trust me, this 5 min hiit workout will leave you in a puddle on the floor!

If you need to get your beach body ready fast, high intensity workouts are the best way to go. Even a short 5 minute workout can be enough to help you build strength and slim down in time for bikini season.

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  1. I'm kind of skinny one, but I have skinny fat (muffin tops), should I do this exercise? Does it reduce bra size?

  2. Randi Aguiar says:

    I can't get the video to load 🙁

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