2019 Arnold Classic, Arnold Strongman Finals, Mens Physique & Bikini International

ASF TV is the Official Channel of the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sports festival in the world.

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49 Responses

  1. Brandon curry & William bonac look like brothers onstage !

  2. Y. Delgado says:

    Umm I thought that the fire department does drug test for steroids???? Hummm Someone is looking the other way!

  3. Perseverance pays Brandon. God Bless you.

  4. Watch muscle Goddesses Rising Phoenix world championship and Chicago pro… The most beautiful Ladys of the Universe.

  5. Watch Rising Phoenix world championship. There the best female incredibles bodybuilders of the USA and other countrys. It's super. It's beautiful. They are incredibles. beautiful.sexy and super power…

  6. Pavel K says:

    Where are white Americans??? Watch African competition

  7. From Brazil : "Rafaiel Brandeio" kkkkkkk muito cabuloso

  8. I’m not racist, but why do all the caucasian men spray their skin and make themselves look african? They should just be themselves.

  9. JAAPIOJO says:

    They all are big but the winner nails it with the waist as well. 2e place had a crazy back. Waist is way more important here.

  10. I love their natural bodies 😂😂😂😂

  11. Alguna mujer mira esto ? Tengo curiosidad

  12. Bobby Jenko says:

    Great event but singers got it wrong. It’s go down in fame not pain. Truly unacceptable

  13. Is there anything wrong with Arnold's chair?

  14. Just muscles … shame. No proportions AT ALL

  15. Rae West says:

    LOL When I go to the pub and body builders are there, they act like they've dropped their weights on their head too many times.

  16. Rafael parece um mens fisique perto dos cara 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sem chances de pegar uma colocação melhor com esse volume ai

  17. why are commeters talking at the same time than the master of ceremony? why are you interrupting him to say he is great? maybe i dont know how things work here, but that sounds stupid

  18. Arnold schwarzenegger mr.olympia 1975

  19. There will never be another Arnold he's one of a kind he's the reason I'm training for bodybuilding whenever I'm in the gym I tell myself it's all worth it in the end and that the rewards off this hard lonely lifestyle are amazing

  20. Parabéns Rafael Brandão

  21. 4subvoid4 says:

    Bubble gut bananza! Drugs drugs drugs … where are the intelligent beauty of yesterday? Where is Frank Zane? What are a guy like Arnold doing here with all these losers?

  22. arnold bikini is just ridiculous tbh. showing nothing but ass not physique just ass smh

  23. might as well sit in the front arnold. you are there the whole time filming lol

  24. Rui Correia says:

    Força Rafa brandão tu és o nosso orgulho o futuro esta a porta todos começaram no top 7 tu não fugiste a regra só que criticos esqueceram só tens 25 aninhos força tu es o nosso orgulho cá em cabo verde na Africa.

  25. It's sad to see bubble guts in events with Arnold's name on it. Arnold juiced and he didn't look like shit. NO EXCUSES, DEATH TO THE BUBBLE GUTS. STOMACHS STICKING OUT PAST THE PECTORALS SHOULD COUNT AGAINST YOU. IT ISN'T FUCKING AESTHETIC.

  26. Brandao is giving me Bob Paris vibes.

  27. geoopa says:

    Arnold is definitely getting senile and not half obvious when he looks the winner Janet up and down.

  28. geoopa says:

    I think Arnie has become a little senile. Selfies in front of the stage, really!

  29. QuantumVoid says:

    Somebody should tell Arnold he's the worst interviewer in sports. Same stupid, pointless questions every year. And enough with the selfies Arnold, have some respect for the crowd. They're here to see the athletes, not you !

  30. Pablo Honey says:

    That walk about ab that Roelly has, is enough for the whole world to quit bodybuilding.

  31. Sami Kosonen says:

    in Finland we STILL have JESUS!

  32. Yokai Oni says:

    The quartet didn't do the National anthem justice

  33. levron kea says:

    brian looked so sad at the end. felt so bad for him.

  34. Cedric clapping himself

  35. Umeed Kassam says:

    Victor Martinez should have been placed higher imo

  36. Umeed Kassam says:

    Everyone’s abs are just protruding

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