Angelica Teixeira. IFBB Bikini division. Part # 3.1

If you are interested in bikini division, then you must watch this biographical video about Ms Bikini Olympia winner Angelica Teixeira. Angelica represents a combination of sex appeal but not too intimidating and you can see her training routing and hear some facts about her way to Olympia stage. In this video I will also talk about the difficulty of judging the contestants in this division because of ambiguous criteria and tremendous popularity of this division. Anyway, in this abundance of rivals and challenging judgment, Angelica Teixeira is now the best of the best in this division.

This is Angelica Teixeira’s non-official biography. It can be regarded as a review and it is supposed only for the informative and educational purposes. Also, by making this video the author wants to bring more attention to the Bikini division.

The text to this video has been written by the author of Nature of Bodybuilding Chanel.

The materials used for this review:
The photos are from Angelica Teixeira’s Instagram account:

The video extracts are from Angelica Teixeira’s Youtube channel:

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  1. Shane Mcman says:

    I don't understand bikini at all. No posing, no back, strange ass-pop, Giant delts. Does it really give people wood?

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