Bikini Try On #3! *FULL SCREEN*




“So You Wanna Be A Stripper!” FAQS Recording


SNAPCHAT: NINAGALY312 All of these styles are available on my website!

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32 Responses

  1. Izzy Lova says:

    ✨I purchased four of your outfits and to anyone who is thinking of purchasing any of these outfits I highly recommend it. The quality and detail is amazing definitely will be purchasing more thank you✨p.s. thanx for the money bag ♥

  2. ATLballer says:

    the people who voted thumb down are some of the most bitter and unhappy people alive

  3. Tonio Music says:

    So I was blowing my blunt and watching this video when I started free styling to the beat. Just finished a studio session so I guess I was still in the zone. Will remake this beat and when the song is out, I will tag you.

    This is video of the year

  4. HOT damn. Anytime I don't wanna hit the gym I'm coming back here for motivating. You're 🔥 love

  5. I'm over here speechless 🤐.

  6. Sweet Jesus you’re gorgeous

  7. Hey I am giving you the props that you deserve I do not type I speak through the mic sew-in no need to punctuate but anyway I just want to be kind and say kind words that you should be said to a kind Queen like yourself by the way I have seen you before in person and I know a lot of girls who know you personally lead what should I say professionally so as always stay prayed up and stay motivated and keep sending the videos let them come just do your thing

  8. Sweet Corn says:

    every time I see a video of yours my jaw hits the floor. You are straight up perfection

  9. Fafa Fafa says:


  10. Uneek X says:

    Another one that won't turn around, SMH

  11. melliemel222 says:

    Can you please do a hooping video? You got me into it and idk where to start.

  12. She's so tight and sexy fuck all these haters babe

  13. Hello great seeing your post again now I am a loyal follow but tell me one thing why did you use the screenshot the opposite way please tell me why you killed me on this one you killed me I know you can be better so stay prayed up and stay motivated

  14. jfromthaway says:

    These try on videos get better each time 😍

  15. Jose Quiroz says:

    You are so beautiful Nina 😅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Yo most women wanna know what the back of the bikini is made like lol… ps: lil booties matter over here 😉😂

  17. TRI SOUL says:

    What all dat do for me sexy

  18. Shannon says:

    Hi Nina. I’d love if you could do a video on self confidence. You seem to have loads. And be comfortable with sex and stuff like that 🙂 how do you stay confident when you have sex? X

  19. Chino Hall says:

    Your body was made for those slingshot bikinis..absolutely perfect 👍🏽👌😁..this video made my day 😘 thank you!

  20. braviafeed says:

    Outstanding video sister! Looking GOOD!

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