Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Own Revenge Body In Sexy Bikini | E! News

In the wise words from the “Revenge Body” queen herself, “the best form of revenge is a good body.” See Khloe looking more snatched than ever with daughter True by her side!

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Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Own Revenge Body In Sexy Bikini | E! News

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37 Responses

  1. Eddie Eda says:

    30 minutes commercial? now days commercials are way longer than the actual video ? what's wrong people, too much greed.

  2. C Love says:

    But all the men still cheat. Surgergy needed somewhere else if you ask me
    Mmmmm n where could that be??? Dump sure likes to grab it

  3. SingKiaMuze says:

    Baby needs a bonnet for sun protection too

  4. humbl121 says:

    She's so so brave:( the plastic surgeon is her "truth" Hey E, could you please start kissing up More? I'm not sure you guy's kiss up as much as as you could.

  5. Maria Moran says:

    HE coco !slip slop n hat on toddles !! NIce mummu bod by they way xo

  6. Paul Fisher says:

    that revenge u say ur getting looks very good!!

  7. Jay MCC says:

    Khole I think 🤔 it’s time we dated in loyalty and honesty 😁😁😁😁 queen 👑

  8. Anyone else smell the plastic through their phone?

  9. pearlexi says:

    Truly a revenge body. Yasss girl! 👏🏻

  10. Linda Barron says:

    Way to Go Mama🙌🏼😇👏☀️🤩😎

  11. KiTT FOXXE says:

    Kill the Kardashians

  12. uhadme says:


  13. Wish him well and move on ,he your baby father , just wish well no revenge of any kind he can't help the he feel your not the one for him ,there is someone special out there. Forgive and no negative feel your right one will come along ,use birth control till you get married.

  14. Joey Chapman says:

    Why are these plastic people famous what have they done

  15. J0el says:

    I came here from a Minecraft parody

  16. Khloe you look nice, I don't know if you had surgery or not, tat none of my business, cause ik if some or these lady had da money 💰 they would do it too, bc no one is perfect, ik it's something abt our body we don't like, and they would change it in a heart beat, hell, ik I would frfr😄 and babytrue look like she's enjoying herself, try not to get to much sun 🌞 enjoy, This is for baby true.😘

  17. Go girl. You look stunning. Yes do you hear me, STUNNING REVENGE.👀👁😳👍🌎💪🌹


  19. Azizzul Nuin says:

    Urgh, Khloe Kardashian so boring..
    C- List reality star. Girl bye

  20. All that botched body and millions of dollars can’t get her any man to be faithful to her or even commit to her . When you’ve been around the block no man will take her serious and not even her money !

  21. Once a cheater allway a cheater , just get along for the baby she look just like him. I don't see nothing from the mom ,stop putting those old fashion agmama head thing , only if she selling scrup.they put on people who were slaves come on.

  22. Her child is going to be talk she tall all ready

  23. Pretty Woman says:

    Hey there beautiful baby true and I see that SLICK ponytail lol. Glad to see you out having fun on the BEACH. You go GIRLLLLLLL… ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕💕❤️🤗

  24. Pretty Woman says:

    🖐️ STOP JUST STOP it KHLOE lol. You know that you paid MILLIONS for that body so KNOCK it off with the LIES… 😱😱😹😸😹😸😹😸😹

  25. e-boogie says:

    This claims to work out but I don't see an ounce of muscle, Kim too their skinny with no thigh muscles and huge fake asses.

  26. Khole you look absolutely gorgeous. True gets more beautiful as she grows

  27. her body is paid for meaning its money out of her pocket to look healthy. So is it really revenge?

  28. Baby needs a hat on more than her

  29. Shes no natural beauty, that's for sure

  30. Khloe is a beautiful woman regardless

  31. Sheila Davis says:

    Still ogrelious.. her body is paid for.

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