BIKINI FITNESS – 24 Beautiful Fitness Girls Presentations

Amazing Bikini Fitness Competition at Ben Weider Legacy Cup.
This is the 24 Bikini fitness girls finals in 4 classes and their I-_walks (Presentations)
This competition was held in 2016 and every year this competition brings out crazy good competitors.

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32 Responses

  1. WooW NA says:

    All of the ladies is Gorgeous mmm = It looks like the cam guy was late getting his ticket / seat Because he's way over to the left instead of the normal cam view (right in front of the competitors).

  2. jj Rambo says:

    One word genetics!! Plus hard training 😘😘😘😘

  3. Poor girls- prostituting themselves for the fantasies of men. Buuuut… I am digging 53 and 89.

  4. Lou Hey says:

    All those Beautiful Booties

  5. imagine there actually people who fighting to put this sport,if I can call it sport, into the olympics

  6. lr sandez says:

    You should mention the name of all the competitors, for example: #66 Timea Trajtelova, ´and so on, if YT allows it. And don´t forget the blonde female official, she has many fans!

  7. james grames says:

    girls without fake boobs should have +100 points which would be like 2 of them probably ^^

  8. piousone says:

    The female official is truly stunning: she belongs on that stage as a competitor. Brava.

  9. Average Joe says:

    The female official has the best calves.

  10. The usher does it for me every time

  11. American bikini girls look OK. European and Asian bikini/fitness girls are MUCH better looking.

  12. 47 all natural ! Absolutely Beautiful.

  13. Don't understand the Fake Breasts thing, when everything else is hard work & training? .. its just wrong.

  14. bah lip says:

    Prance around as to say hey guys let me sit my fine ass on your face

  15. Geeman One says:

    All of the blonde competitors!


  17. These women have proper posture.

  18. Carlos A G says:

    Wow ,the number 52 I think She has the essence of Female ¡¡¡ Amazing

  19. lovely, shapely curvy beautiful female form at its best..Truly inspirational too anybody thinking of taking up bodybuilding in some shape or form

  20. Duke jpf says:

    Are they all the same gal with costume and wig change?

  21. Mr George says:

    Ohh, WOW! 😍🤩 They are all perfect 👌 All that hard work they put in… and the result is amazing. 🤗
    I am not sure if I should be happy, or sad about that I didn't work there as a judge, because they are all 10/10 👍

  22. natalia the official is thicker than all the contestants

  23. dkngln says:

    This is what all woman should look like

  24. revolcane says:

    How old is this? A lot of ugly low cut bottoms still.

  25. Another awesome video Nordic! These women could all compete in a beauty contest as well as a fitness one. Keep the vids coming and a big thank you.

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