Kim's First Playboy Shoot | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim refuses to go nude for Playboy.

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44 Responses

  1. Kim must have had to put on a really thick skin after the tape leaked,
    if those were her beliefs and values

  2. abc says:

    I can never understand why she altered her body like that. Wtf

  3. Kim was so beautiful before 💕

  4. I don't blame her for feeling this way at that moment .she was still starting at the moment and anyone will be insecure even wen u beautiful..but now she has been in the game for long and she is now so confident with her body

  5. P J says:

    Kris is actually suggesting to pose naked , if I said to my mum I’m posing for playboy in my underwear she would kill me

  6. Sara Noah says:

    OMG seriously a magazine like playboy is soo humiliating… Only treating women as sex object ugh!!!! Bet this is the freedom, huh? ! …. it is disgusting.. "Take it off" smh!
    Women appreciate ur body and cover up!! It's not everyone's property..

  7. Maybe Kris and Kim had plastic surgeries after the years but they are just so sweet and still have their feet on earth.

  8. I am SOOoo pleased that she stood up for what she believed in and didnt take her top off. I absolutely hate people who manipulate other people into making people feel uncomfortable

  9. Xristina D. says:

    Omg Kim's voice was so cute 😍

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  11. plzz dont come at me
    but i felt kim………..i think she wasnt ready
    when she said i dont wanna be sooo exposed i think she was acting like a kid
    and kris stood their watching an 40yr old creep forcing her

  12. Clare Nguyen says:

    Huh that is rude cause they are wanting her to be exposed and they are all guys

  13. Oron b2b says:

    'I don't want to show too much skin'
    Like seriously your already showing way too much!

  14. Eta V92 says:

    WTH what even is hidden in that photoshoot. Idiot

  15. Holy shit she’s always had huge hips. Her fake bum just evened it out

  16. she looked better back then? just me?

  17. Enea says:

    god kris was and is so ugly

  18. Que diferente se ve ahora .sera por las cirugias esteticas.

  19. mike rodrik says:

    at this time she´s made a porn video, she looks ridicuolus caring about showing too much

  20. what's wrong with nudity, our natural forum- what's wrong with embracing your fierceness

  21. Wow so much plastic surgery changed her face and everything , she looks better now on the outside with all these corrections but I don’t know about the inside … she has mother to look up to…

  22. then kim get the fuck out of there if u cant do nake shoots, we want bush

  23. Giva Nilla says:

    She looked like an indian woman. She changed !!

  24. Infinity 299 says:

    que fea era la kim , con su nariz de moco.

  25. Anne Li says:

    I actually believe what Kim said and did was right. She stuck to what she believe in by not exposing herself too much. Btw she looks so different now.

  26. Pisces Sun says:

    What a weird looking torso. It's the shape of a badly drawnt triangle. She definitely needed plastic surgery her face looked uglier too. #monobrow

  27. Its not her like its she but….i Lost

  28. The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder

  29. Kim definitely has had a nose job. Kim and Kendall both have nose job done . They’re subtle. Look at her nose then and now.

  30. Saran2701 says:

    She definately got her body done.

  31. When she literally didn't have any ass

  32. She literally got no ass and trying to make us believe that’s all natural,I think they need to delete all their old keeping up episodes, because it’s shows their real body without any chirurgie,they are trying to make us believe so badly that the body they got now I real and not full of chirurgie


  34. cloud campos says:

    She was so charming. NATURE : 1 – plastic surgery :0. Yet it still won.

  35. chuchu says:

    She was so beautiful and natural back then…

  36. To much unnecessary stuff 😂😅

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