Bikini Olympia Top 10 Predictions

2019 IFBB Bikini Olympia Predictions.

This is my complete guess at who will place in the top 10 at this year’s Bikini Olympia.


Angelica Teixeira (USA)

Lauralie Chapados (Canada)

Janet Layug (USA)

Elisa Pecini (Brazil)

Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)


Priscila Leimbacker (Switzerland), 48

Marcia Goncalves (Brazil), 47

Maureen Blanquisco (Norway), 40

Jennifer Ronzitti (USA), 35

Jennifer Dorie (Canada), 33

Kim Gutierrez (Chile), 33

Beatriz Biscaia (Canada), 32

Etila Santiago Santos (Brazil), 31

Francesca Stoico (Italy), 30

Cristobalino Pajares (Spain), 29

Camile Periat (USA), 28

Jessica Palmer (USA), 28

Karina Skowronska (UK), 27

Eli Fernandez (Mexico), 27

Breena Martinez (USA), 27

Jourdanne Lee (USA), 27

Monica Ellis (USA), 27

Mariella Pellegrino (Italy), 26

Jasmine Williams (USA), 25

Alexandria Ross (USA), 23

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40 Responses

  1. Huck Haeata says:

    Unlike the mr Olympia which can hold onto a title year after year I think it is a different culture for the Ms Olympia Bikini. They seem to prefer up n coming which may detract from a bit of bias against previous title holder''s that the men do not get. I just feel a certain bias. I'm DEFINITE that Ashley K can still take it out, she's in phenomenal shape and I'm gunning for Ashley Kaltwasser. Boom!

  2. Liz A says:

    Janet slayed the stage. The camera loves her.

  3. Why would Angelica not win just bc she didn’t make it to another show? Isn’t it about the body

  4. Bdawg02 says:

    Janet would be a great Ambassador for the Bikini brand.

  5. nelram01 says:

    You got the top 4 right on the money!!! 😱

  6. Who is here after watching the bikini pre judging…lol….paul where is ur crystal ball….u r spot on

  7. More about what the judges at the Olympia look for and what strengths each one possesses to move them up or down.

  8. Ashli Taylor says:

    I love Ashley k! Everyone stays counting her out for getting that title back 😩 I love her I hope she wins!

  9. Rayelle J says:

    If Jourdanne got her glutes up she would destroy the competition. Her and Elisa are mutants

  10. Jonathan 916 says:

    Good video but just a little suggestion: Keep the photo of the competitor on screen longer. It comes and goes so fast we have absolutely no time to see what she looks like.

  11. Ashley all the way! She the GOAT!

  12. Hate how we all have to guess. No set list of what the bikini winner should have. I mean, all these chicks look great, but how can you train to WIN if you really don't know what to train for, SPECIFICALLY? It's up to the judges and who they feel looks best that day. Dunno. Just.. think it's frustrating.

  13. I’m shocked nobody it’s mentioning Maureen in their predictions!!!

  14. Bunny Luv says:

    Angelica seems so kind and is such a good ambassador for the sport. Can someone tell me how she’s able to beat competitors who are more genetically gifted or have that X factor going for them that you can’t stop looking at? Can someone tell me what bikini is supposed to be judged on?

  15. B J says:

    All so incredible and until you see them on the day hard to know. Even then tough job judging the best of the best.

    My predictions
    1 – Janet
    2 – Elisa
    3 – Angelica
    4 – Ashley
    5 – Lauralie
    6 – Elita
    7 – Jennifer

    But never know Angelica could be 2, Elisa 3 and Lauralie 4, Ashley 5. Any one of them is a strong chance. Janet reminds me a lot of Courtney, Lauralie similar shape but less stage presence than Janet. I hope Janet wins as I personally like her look best for bikini but the division seems to be getting more muscular wait to see what look the judges go for. All such champions to qualify and those especially who place top 10.

  16. Completely out of control. And these chicks want to have a baby one day? When are they gonna find time to change diapers when they need to prep the 💉 5 times a day💊

  17. I’m looking to see Maureen up in the top ten. I agree with most of these girls; but I think the placings will shift around a little differently. I think we could see Lauralie, Angelica, Janet, Issa and Jen Dorie top 5. They all compare well to each other and it’s going to be a matter of who brings the best package among them that day.

  18. Loved this video Paul! Can’t wait to watch this weekend.

  19. the M says:

    Love love love Janet Layug or Angelica Teixeira to win 1st!

  20. Hi Paul !! Love your video. I have pretty much the same top 10 but have Etila and Maureen instead of Marianella and Priscila who are my top 11 and 12.
    I also feel like this is the year of a new winner … and I would LOOOVE to have Isa win this year. But I feel like the fact she doesn"t speak english will prevent her from that.
    I think the top 10 will be (which is not my ideal top 10 because I want Isa to win but what I'm guessing) :
    1 – Janet
    2 – Angelica
    3 – Isa
    4 – Jennifer Dorie
    5 – Lauralie
    6 – Ashley
    7 – Jennifer Ronzitti
    8 – Etila
    9 – Maureen
    10 – Marcia

  21. Hey Paul, cool video. Maybe sometime you could explain who the judges are for these contests, and how they become judges?

  22. Jcream101 says:

    Paul; when will you be collabing with Jason Genova?

  23. I think Beatriz biscaia shape is also insaneeeee

    Thanks for boldly sharing your predictions!! 😊

  24. Darin Teal says:

    Is it just my perspective or do these superstar ladies have some common nationalities ? Where are these winning ladies genetics coming from? Common countries ?

  25. The bikini Olympia line up this year is insane. Can't wait to watch!!

  26. Why* Does Ashley get bumped down can you speak to that?

  27. Aw Paul! I still love you lol Thank you everyone that is showing support! Let’s do this! 6 days! 🙌🏼💜

  28. # 1 will be Janet Layug then # 2 will be ANGELICA TEIXEIRA 3 will be PECINI but truely any thing can happen in these 3 for the win

  29. the truth is that Lauralie has a coach since day 1 of training, she won 7 pro shows and went second Olympia not by her self, but for some reasons that nobody realy understand, but she flushed her coach for new team that pays her weekly and she keep saying show after show that she was on top of the world by her self and then now, she has coaching and not winning….sadly she will probably be very out of shape this year and won't make top 5 this year :'( she gained way too much muscles …oops! dont know why ….? new coach?

  30. Rosa Bido says:

    Paul do you think is posible for a girl to make it top 10 at the O without PEDs? Just curious 🤔

  31. Rosa Bido says:

    Completely agree with your top 5, I think Janet is going to take it this year. But in the top 10 I definitely see Etila Santiago

  32. One of the toughest years for Bikini can't wait. Good predictions.

  33. Leanda Mann says:

    I’m really hoping to see Loralie do well, and I’d honestly love to see Jen Ron win! But I think Angelica is amazing and will be very hard to beat!!!

  34. Abishek S says:

    A lot of people are going to hate me for saying this but here goes. The entire “art show” of physique competing in any format can be just replaced by an algorithm. Give me data of the past 5-10 years of people who have placed in the podium along with their body measurements and body fat percentages. After I train my algorithm to this data, given the data of a new set of competitors, I can predict who is going to be in the podium. The only form of data I won’t be able to capture is the presentation skills of the physique competitor and honestly presentation should take a back seat in this “art show”. I don’t mean to hate on people pursuing this goal. All I’m stating is my opinion. Sorry if I hurt anyone. Peace Love Empathy.

  35. Love your predictions! Can’t wait to see how it plays out

  36. God I wish I had your job. Thanks for another great video.

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