bikini haul + huge photoshoot FAIL!! *i'm SO embarrassed!

GUYS i’m so embarrassed you have no idea..i had an epic photoshoot fail it was hilarious haha also i show u a bikini haul with 2 new bikinis i got!! xo – alisha
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48 Responses

  1. Can u please do a Asmr video on your main channel!!

  2. I read the title as "huge photoshop fail I'm so embarrassed"

  3. Soooo I came back and watched this and realized that we have the same glasses!! Ahhh that’s soo cool!!💕 Love you long time Lida

  4. Ohh man such a productive day😱👌👌

  5. Laney Ruth says:

    does anybody know where that chair is from lol

  6. Violetrosez says:

    They hike all they way up… just to use a backdrop you could have used anywhere

  7. Didn’t she say she never would wear those bikinis with the clear in the podcast? 😂 I mean she gonna look hella good in it but just pointing that out

  8. Looby R says:

    I have those second glasses xx💗💗😂😂

  9. So where's the huge photoshop fail?

  10. Theresa G. says:

    What ever happened to your other office/dining room?? You should do a makeover on it!!!

  11. All alisha's vlogs are definitely clickbait but it's whatever😂

  12. Elyse Straka says:

    I really want a house tour!!!!!!

  13. Omg we have the save washing machine lol 😂🤦‍♀️

  14. there were a few months where i stopped watching alisha’s vlogs but omg i forgot how enjoyable they are!! love u alisha

    p.s. i’m a very small youtuber 🙂

  15. Marina Moore says:


  16. If you’re a small YouTuber, or an aspiring one, I’ve uploaded a tutorial on how to make an aesthetic intro. Check it out 🙂

  17. love how you hiked in the wilderness just to take pictures with a sheet as a background

  18. She inspired me to mk my own channel 💕❤

  19. Indigo says:

    Ya well I feel like she doesn’t put as much effort in her vids and I just unsubbed ever tho I’ve been subbed since 200ish subs because her contents just not the same :/ Bye Alisha

  20. Powzai says:

    Btw i loved the old vlog intro😍

  21. I love the glasses you chose!

  22. I love your outfit. You look beautiful.

  23. Girl we love an ASMR moment😂

  24. Emily Wynn says:

    👍 if u watching this in August

  25. jamie leas says:

    where are the back to school vids

  26. Jess'es mess says:

    Why are you swearing so much i love your chanel but im just a kid. !$*#

  27. are those remis sunglasses !!

  28. Rman Nayr says:


  29. jillian sy says:

    Is it only me or does alisha act like shes a teen

  30. Laura Gilbee says:

    Is there a reason you use a dryer and not a clothes line for your washing? Just suggesting drying it out in the sun to help the environment 🙂

  31. Your top in the beginning is SO cute 😍

  32. ames says:

    I LOVE the brown/gray frames!! I have similar ones and they’re so soft on the face. I used to love black frames but they just don’t do anything for me. I feel pretty when i wear my brown/gray frames with no makeup on 🥰

  33. This was a very nice vlog to watch 💕

  34. Wait a sec.. how was that a "FAIL"??? 😂

  35. Alisha: soo I got some new sunglasses
    Me: sunglasses?? Those are just normal glasses.. 😂

  36. Hi Hello says:

    No hate at all but I miss the hype Alisha… hope she will still do more target adventures and vlogmas

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