THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT 4K / 2020 Bikini Collection / Miami Swim Week 2019 / Art Hearts Fashion

This is a NEWSWORTHY event: A live performance art experience performed by Joel Alvarez live at Miami Swim Week. His designs have captivated the imagination of millions.
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THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT 2020 / Miami Swim Week / July 2019

You can see the entire, unedited, live streamed show here: shot by Jake – he did a great job you should check it out if you enjoy this video.

This is a bikini swimwear show in 4K, filmed at Miami Swim Week.

This video opens with an introduction by model Olya, let us know if you like the intro or if we should just go right to the runway show.

The cover photo for this video is by Danny Chin.

Our team shot this footage for you, it is 100% original footage that we edited, and chose the music to create this exclusive experience for you. We don’t share it with anyone, so you know it is unique. We shoot these shows from a press media riser, so other people might publish their video from the same shows, but our footage is unique: We have the best camera angles, best quality, and our edits are fresh and exciting, truly a different viewing experience from other moda channels. Enjoy this swimwear runway show in CRISPY 4K!

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About us:
Your media team for this video is: David, Norman, Jake, William, Siobhan and Danny. We are a bunch of tech nerds and proud of it (except for Siobhan who is our fashion stylist and keeps us from misbehaving too much).

Camera and Editing by David Berman and Jacob Lustig for SHIFT™ Start Here In Fashion Tv™ and Totally Cool® fashion news networks.

SHIFT and Start Here In Fashion Tv are trademarks of, Inc.

Special thanks to Art Hearts Fashion

Chimera Soldiers by Max Herve
Keep Him by Alon Ohama
Percussion by Young Rich Pixies
Sat Night by Yanivi
Smile by Yanivi
Shaker by Disiac

All music is licensed by, Inc. for use in this video. Proof of license is available upon request by copyright holder.

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32 Responses

  1. Beautiful i like very much ,very good . 😍😘😘

  2. Omg these girls bodies just motivated me to go to the gym. Dammm

  3. Absolutely loved this a work of art ❤️💙🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙

  4. debyton says:

    So…what is he selling…and what are you buying exactly?

  5. Nic Gi says:

    The new black panther warriors 👀

  6. Roland Gile says:

    Put the black tape in mouth.

  7. No Body says:

    NO bush reamains after wearing this bikini :))))

  8. Bel lavoro e non costa nemmeno niente .bello come tutto diventa un art 👏👏👏

  9. J. Lewis says:

    The BTP isa stroke of genius. I've enjoyed these shows since they started. Major kudos to SHIFT for a well presented performance.

  10. iron golem says:

    This ain't cheap for those people saying it's funny and cheap.Lol this is art. If u don't know how to appreciate art then youre an idiot.

  11. Jorge Reyna says:

    Plástic is Hot not confortable

  12. Nysa Sunuwar says:

    So all of them are basically nude and they are only covered up by tape? INTERESTING!

  13. Funny how everything can turn into fashion

    A low budget fashion dats needed


  14. Mermaid S says:

    Stonage! What’s so futuristic about it ? K I’ll be honest the art of it is beautiful but girls sexualized it too much.

  15. I think i speak for everyone that we ALL LOVE A WOMEN WHO FEELS CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE IN HER SKIN + SHOWING IT OOOOOFFFF!!! Like,damn that is just beautiful and majestic tbh!

  16. Exquisite arts. Marvellous… Thank y’all. 🙏🙏🙏👍

  17. I dont care about the tape I love their asses!

  18. Model with the white tape😍😍😍😍 perfect body structure 😘

  19. Ndack Thiam says:

    Khana legui niou daff tatou néne rekk n’importe quoi 😶 Sénégal 🇸🇳 alaboni

  20. Troy Fowler says:

    She looks bad as in that more just like this one boss

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