Ashley Graham Believes 'The Smaller The Bikini, The Better Looking The Body' | PEN | People

American model Ashley Graham gives us tips to celebrating our curves in a bikini with her advice that, ‘The smaller the bikini, the better looking the body’, from her swimsuit photoshoot.
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Ashley Graham Believes ‘The Smaller The Bikini, The Better Looking The Body’ | PEN | People

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47 Responses

  1. STEVE P says:

    Smaller bikinis mean more breasts.

  2. i am your big fan u have just awesome sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy figure

  3. Samar Sarin says:

    I Don't like you baby hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

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  5. trevor trapp says:

    Damn she is gorgeous beautiful

  6. Ashley your one healthy looking lady. Your a beauty sweetie.

  7. Jony Smith says:

    All she needs for a bikini is a bandaid and a kite string.

  8. Только в жопу и раком, сучку надо пердолить! А потом между сисек и в рот кончить! 😀👍👏

  9. Kar K says:

    Actually it's true. The body looks better when you have a smaller bikini on.

  10. KV MCU says:

    Hi ashley I am single and interested in interracial marriage with educated white or tanned caucasian women only am ready and willing to divorce an indian gal if forced to marry by people have good values and hindu culture and well adjusted to western American culture

  11. Ashley îți doresc mult succes în continuare Adorable Princess imagine. 🌟

  12. So many curves. I wish I was s woman and had a woman's body and had all those sexy soft curves!!

  13. Ashley Graham plz comes porn world ….

  14. Super fascinado videos. Tanks you Princess. 🌟

  15. Never get tired of her videos she's so beautiful

  16. S k says:


  17. Miraya 777 says:

    Кроме лица ничего хорошего

  18. nic bobs hitumhari open to karo nic seksi hotum

  19. Misfit 636 says:

    The bigger the berry the sweeter the juice

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