Bikini Fitness under 157cm – Presentations, Finals and Prize Award Ceremony. IFBB Pro Nordic 2019

Only 2 competitors in this Bikini Fitness class -157centimeter at IFBB Pro Nordic 2019.
But it was 2 really good competitors

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5 Responses

  1. MakeWayForCJ says:

    With the Bikini Wellness division coming to the IFBB, I hope to God that they change this format where theyhave some dude walking across the stage pointing and walking behind the women while they're posing! I mean 1) Nobody wants to see him and 2) they do not need to be herded! I can almost guarantee that even if these women needed to be herded then he or anyone else could just as easily do it from offstage or the announcer could even direct them with this thing called WORDS! There's just no reason for him to walk across the stage just to point! You can see how ridiculous it is in the woman's faces! it's unnecessary and distracting. Hopefully that stays where it is and isn't something they'll be doing in the Bikini Wellness division of the IFBB!

  2. Repz says:

    Damn, thats a strong horse. 10/10 would like to take for a ride.

  3. Beej J says:

    Very annoying fake smile on the brunette

  4. These women have beautiful bodies achieved by normal means e.g hard training and al lot of termination and sweat,and staying drug free is the only way to stay through to yourself in life

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