Sexy Rooftop Bikini Photo Shoot – Johanna Sarria – Part-1

The long awaited Johanna Sarria Bikini shoot is now here. Johanna’s first sexy bikini fashion show which is approaching 2.5 million views was the first video to go viral on POYZEN TV.

In this video, filmed on Johanna’s rooftop with the New York Skyline in the background, Johanna and her models heat up her rooftop in a photo shoot with photographer, Bill Gregorio. The video is broken into 2 parts. Part two will air on POYZEN TVs new cable channel in January and then be broadcast on Youtube but here is part 1 for everyone to enjoy.

Designer: Johanna Sarria

Models: Heidi Li, Leann Rivera, Yoyo, Johanna Sarria

Photographer: Bill Gregorio

Cinematographer: Lorenzo Anderson

Video Production: Volume Studios

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  1. myeong jo says:

    2014 옥상 비키니 촬영

  2. VFLIKS says:

    The Roof is on Fire!!!  Watch now!

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