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  1. Zayon says:

    i think she get turn on at 1:09 , easy girls 🙂

  2. she sounds like a british forest gump… " This tattoo is simple and pretty."

  3. See Chris is tryin to slick look…. Cochino …=(

  4. deqn vuttov says:

    What is the name of the girl with the star tattoo

  5. deqn vuttov says:

    Can someone please tell me name of the girl with the star tattoo. Please. Thank you.

  6. Can anyone please tell me the name of this girl. The one with the star tattoo. Please.
    Thank you.

  7. Lalis P. says:

    not trynna be a hater but these chicks are ugly lol

  8. Yasmin Khan says:

    ermmmmmmmmm.. they're very…. ermmm different?

  9. D Lunar 90 says:

    " Looks away " Damn….. Lol

  10. wow…a mass-produced human.=/ they all look the same…U_U

  11. Love how the video is age restricted…

  12. She's Larissa from Vanity Lair 🙂

  13. Tim Tran says:

    invalid your point you made

  14. MrHarvey1301 says:

    that's the stupidest comment i've ever seen on youtube

  15. They're not even attractive. Just slutty.

  16. The bikinis are too small for their boobs

  17. i got a hard on everytime i see my wife's back shoulder tattoo…want to lick that thing right now…see u guys…

  18. Amanda M says:


  19. TheGGMan says:

    "I really love summer, i wanna elope" LMAO Nunez the funny dude.

  20. NKZ Z says:

    a little girl with roses, that way he'll always have a cutie with him, that sounds so fucking creepy

  21. Westdeezy says:

    instead of trying to be mature, im gonna say that I would probably tap that

  22. Louis Berns says:

    Damnnnn they are really fake, but who gives a shit. they look hella fine…

  23. _hjane says:

    Omg, she has a hairy ass neck haha. I'm surprised she doesn't wax it.

  24. Joana Covita says:

    don't generalize cuz thats not true. i'm a female and i never felt attraction to a man before knowing his personality. and as far as "smoking hot" goes for you ( i'm guessing muscles and bronze) i find it absolutely disgusting, fake and dumb. it's all about how close to an animal you are, regardless of your sex. sadly, seems that most humans got lost in the evolutionary process. or maybe we, those who don't react on superficial stuff, are more evolved.

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