11-Year-Old STRONGEST Fitness Phenom

Sponsored by MilkIt! Meet 11-year-old Brooklynn Sittner aka Queen Beezy, one of the STRONGEST and hardest working young ladies in the world. #MilkIt

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50 Responses

  1. John Leslie says:

    I'm in no way discrediting fitness but what I hate seeing is adults pushing their children into certain sports to feed their own ego.. I mean this girl whole princess career and being obsess with butterflies and feminine stuff along with her childhood is being snatch from her. Again I love to see youths in sports but weight lifting and kick boxing? Really a no for me

  2. Wow I can lift more and I am 13

  3. Eric Larsen says:

    It is totally stupid to promote this…

  4. This I’d do exciting, we’re impressed by CrossFit athletes now who all started after an injury or as an accessory workout. Now kids are starting with CrossFit.

  5. Gene Pitts says:

    Perfect reflection of being raised right. Definite blessing to the world

  6. Jay - Wheezy says:

    Hopefully they don’t mix the genders in this sport

  7. Mmmm … Obsessive father exploiting his daughter … Where have I seen this before? I look forward to seeing them in the breaking news.

  8. Lupo 89 says:

    She is on steroids, this is America peak degeneration.

  9. Sam Rahmati says:

    Different between a girl raising by her dad and a boy raising by his single mom , 😉

  10. Why’d they have to do her like that in the thumbnail?

  11. Dah Bay says:

    Not only is she a fitness phenom but she is super intelligent and extremely well-spoken. I would say more well-spoken than most high schoolers. What a great kid!

  12. Her: strong kid at 11
    Me: failed class at 11

  13. Doug Legnine says:

    The ironcross and power lift,,is the real deal,,👳🕉☬🐜🏟🏆.

  14. Okay she’s 11 and weighs 85 I’m 9 and weigh 75 but like I’m not fat

  15. i hope no one its puting drugs in her drinks.

  16. The FreaK says:

    So your telling me that an 11 year old deadlifted 4 times her body weight 0:10 .. I'm calling fake weights sorry

  17. If she was running it was oke

  18. What i am 10 and i can lift like 25 pounds and i weigh like 29 kgs

  19. Vichev Jr says:

    Good look be 4 foot for life

  20. ewan andrew says:

    Good luck with your stunted growth and multitude of joint problems…….

  21. I think the most important thing is for her not to get Injured. And not to compete too often. Too much pressure. Just take it slow . No need to jack up at 11 years old.

  22. lottie m says:

    i did judo for 10years im fourteen now but I quit because I did not get the support say I I did not win a comption i would get shouted at by my coach also I got really high in it

  23. XpertOwl says:

    Good dad 🙂 Wish that everyone had dads like this, My DAD was Fishing a lot with me great times 🙂

  24. In 20 years she’s going to loose all of her muscle 😂

  25. dobbins2550 says:

    Is it healthy for someone so young to be lifting weights? I'm guessing her dad is pushing this. I didn't start to lift weights until 14, even then it wasn't heavy. There's something called growth plates in your joints and impacting them with heavy weights is not good. Young people should not be overdoing it, that is a fact. Light weight lifting with good form is OK, but not heavy weight.

  26. Will Brown says:

    She’s using 5 and 10 pound CrossFit weights lol

  27. kg062007 says:

    I hope this isn't a case of a guy trying to live out his dreams through his kid.

  28. Amanda Stone says:

    Can your height be stunted from lifting from so young – kind of like how gymnast girls don’t grow tall…. just wondering if this is healthy at such a young age

  29. Zatt56 says:

    Her power clean isnt right and her math is bad

  30. Thiago Silva says:

    "Strongest" until she lost the medal to a transgender athlete.
    R.I.P Women's Sports

  31. I couldn't even lift 1% of the wheight she lifts…

  32. Just checked her birth chart, exalted MARS in the 1st house. Wow!

  33. ChronicVzn says:

    They have Olympia dishwashers wow how much can u wash in 1 load?

  34. K4inan says:

    If only she was a boy with that talent

  35. Her: lifts 30 pounds

    Me:lifts 180 pounds

  36. Goon Hayes says:

    Until a transgender shatters her dream so we can politically correct.

  37. Would this not stunt her growth?

  38. Bryson Cade says:

    I started training like this when I was 7 years old to play football year around. I played all the way through college. And got my education paid for. But now at 44 ive got so much arthritis in all of my joints I can barely move. I don't know if it was really worth it.

  39. Her great attitude will take her far in life, even if it isn't with weightlifting… the lessons she's learning through weightlifting are invaluable..

  40. And im here triying to pick up the potatoes bag…

  41. Springtrap says:

    But her development is going to be messed up .-.

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