Carlotta's 80's and 90's vintage bikini swimsuit haul

Lets check out a few designs of the 80’s and 90’s… colors, cuts, and who wore these looks!

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37 Responses

  1. 89edipus89 says:

    I am speechless, thank you so much for sharing these hauls, no model has a more perfectly slender but also voluptuous figure like you Carlotta, you look so hot!, I particularly liked the flower print swimsuit, it really dialed my number., would love to see the uncensored version.

  2. Alone Wolf says:

    Süperrrrrrrrr very beatiful seksy woman

  3. 0:29 1:09 3:26 ❤😘🔥
    Extremely Sexy !!! Perfect !!

  4. scottyo64 says:

    The Kelly Bundy was the best!

  5. John L says:

    That kitty looks awfully smooth mmmmmmmm<3<3<3

  6. Matt Nobrega says:

    The last one is my favorite on you. But I'm sure that was obvious

  7. Honestly, I can't imagine a more beautiful human being.
    I feel like I need to take a cold shower everytime I watch your videos or I might burn up haha 😂🔥👌

  8. Awesome swimsuits and you are absolutely beautiful and sexy! Congratulations! I hope you like my channel! God bless you!

  9. 3.26 çok yakışmış öpüyorum seni İstanbul

  10. Aaron Thomas says:

    I am now very interested in seeing more of your videos…love your personality for starters…` and the retro looks so nice and sexy…on you…

  11. Mamita estas bien sabrosa cosita rica

  12. 3.4 ltd says:

    You are really gorgeous and the way you explain things wow its makes you insanely adorable💖💖💖😘✌

  13. 1.24 harika öpüyorum seni İstanbul

  14. Harika bir kadınsın öpüyorum seni İstanbul

  15. Çok tatlısın bebeğim öpüyorum seni İstanbul

  16. myron bedner says:

    You're more like Jessie Spanos or whatever her name was on the show.

  17. You are gorgeous with what ever you try on sugar

  18. Здравствуйте, красивое видео! Лайк!!👍🌹

  19. Akash Samson says:

    I'm loving you already Carlotta. You're a sexy, hot, sweet, gorgeous goddess and you being knowledgeable in what you're talking about makes it even sexier because your voice is very soothing to listen to. #subscribed

  20. OMG, Carlotta, Ur body is so, "HOT, "and ur so beutiful. Good haul and hope to see more of ur sexy ass in youtube.

  21. Dare W says:

    love this video! Super cute and fun 🙂

  22. Estas bien guapa y tienes un delicioso cuerpo bb

  23. Daniel Cline says:

    Charlotte you look absolutely stunning in all of those bikinis you tried on and I understand some things are a bit revealing but lady you got a beautiful body don't be ashamed of it please always take very great care of yourself smiles

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