Actress Sanam Shetty UnderWater Bikini Interview | Big Boss 3 Tharshan

Sanam Shetty is an Indian film actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who works predominantly in Tamil films She is a qualified software engineer from London, the UK before she stepped into the film industry.

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26 Responses

  1. KG Vlogs says:

    Adipavi purushanuku matum katratha yelathukum katitu niyayam pesa variya..

  2. இதுக்கு வெள்ளக்காரிகளே பரவால்ல!
    காமப்புன்ட உனக்கெல்லாம் ஒரு கலியாணம், இது போதாதென்னு bikini dress interview வேர, நல்ல வேள தர்ஷன் செம பூட்👌 குடுத்து தப்பிச்சான், மானமுள்ள தமிழன்!

  3. Hakkim Sait says:

    What are u expecting from a cine actress, Tamil Culture? What a joke Mr Dharshan!!
    Half naked is NoT boldness its shameless. Frankly speaking, we are not Modernizing but westernising, that's a hook.

  4. Basically she is a model hope he know well about this profession …when the interview moves on she get into the water she tries to cover herself in that situvation, its basic women mentality too …if she want t expose herself completely means she wont get into the water …shoot is differ from live…
    How could he see this as reason to stop an engagement

  5. ithu romba over ipdila interview kudutha yarukutha pudikum popular heroine kuda ipdila interview kuduthu irukamattanga

  6. Divya subash says:

    தர்ஷன் விட இன்டர்வியூ எடுக்குறவ enjoy பண்ற பா 🤗🤗🤗

  7. Mafia Jay says:

    13 47 to 13 52 idhu thevayaa dharshan idhala keata thapaa sanam idhu thappudha not ur profession but this look n act

  8. Darsana thappu sonnavinka ellarum engada poinunka ippidi irunthal venukuthan pidikum.ivala paarthale ippa kaduppaguthu

  9. Premalatha A says:

    Stupidity at it's core..shameful concept and they call it modernism and advanced🙄much difference between her other interview and this one..and the host…what is such burning necessity to take an interview like this?

  10. Darshan evala vandaam sonnadhu nallathu thaan. Karumam Yanna dress

  11. Indiaglitz, what is the urgency and necessity to have this interview inside the pool? Why not wait until she finishes her shoot?

  12. Sonia Mani says:

    Indiaglitz don’t u have sense to take such type of interviews….? Shame on u…

  13. I wish tharshan and sanam sort out their issues amicably and make up and continue being together……!!!! Sanam should be a little more confident and wait patiently for differences and misunderstanding to clear up…. Only time will heal the situation…. Maybe Tharshan will realise his mistake and return to sanam….. One must never let go of someone who stood with you in your bad times…. 😍😍😍😍

  14. sanam ah thapa sola vanthurathingaaa
    nayanthara um ipdithan ipa tha saree potutu pretend panranga
    ipdi than ulagam

  15. diya pri says:

    I support dharshan Anna👍 that's it.

  16. Asha Asha says:

    16 mins interview….she spoke alot about herself….but all u ppl saw was her bikini.she is dirty or u commenters are dirty bastards ??? Hahaha

  17. Anamika Deva says:

    Ethana leadys purusanuku pathini vesam pottu second aambaliaya vachukiraluga ithu better

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