Hello, This is my sister Vasilena, and this is her insane female 3 months body transformation!

I had this idea 3 of us to do 3 months transformation from fat to fit
and we did it!



here is the link to my transformation in case you are interested:
This is the best female transformation I have ever done as a coach!

One day my sister came to me. Super motivated! And she asked me how to lose 20 pounds!? I couldn’t believe what she wanted because anyway she was skinny-fat.

Watch to see how we did this insane 3 months female body transformation!

BTW she didn’t lose 20 pounds! She lost very little weight!
But she lost a lot of fat and build a lot of muscles! The perfect body recomposition!

If you want to achieve the same insane 3 months female body transformation here is the link to my website:

Here is the link of my sister Instagram in case you are interested in what she does:

Here is the link to my Instagram in case you are interested in what I do:

Here is the music I used to make this female body transformation video:
Dream to live by ZAYFALL Creative Commons β€” Attribution 3.0 Unported β€” CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

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27 Responses

  1. Vessi says:

    Hey I recently created a training account if you are interested to learn more about fitness and my diets you can check it out. πŸ’“

  2. fake!!! you were already in the training before you started this video

  3. Chris Oakes says:

    Where's the bikini like thumbnail shows!

  4. Avocado Girl says:

    How did you often exercise for week?

  5. Alyssa Ully says:

    Woahhhh……can you help me too……..πŸ˜₯😭😭😭😭 I worked soo hard for a year but still dont have the body Iike her….I watched this video 10x times already …incredible…lve also subscribe…great job keep it up

  6. Manolya Rowe says:

    Bad Ass Bitch! Congrats 😘❀

  7. Alyssa Ully says:

    I really wanna know what her routines were…am 1m53 something 50 kg approximately 20% body fat..I really wanna get a body like her…I've lifted before but only 6 to 10 kg of weight…can I be like her in 3 months ??? Am planning to lift heavy as from monday..what was her routin(hours of exercising and exercises that she did?

  8. human taste says:

    There's no way that happened in 3 months maybe 8 months but 3 months no thats pretty ridiculous

  9. Amazing β™₯οΈπŸ’•

  10. This is awesome. Congrats!! πŸ™‚

  11. Song in description isn't correct. Anyone know what the second song actually is?

  12. Well Then says:

    I’m very hopeful now because I hate cardio lol πŸ˜‚

  13. Atomic 1800 says:

    Complain video 😩 you did not start out overweight

  14. Legit Tasha says:

    People saying she was fine to begin with but you can be "fine" and still want to improve like sheesh stop hating just cuz she wasn't overweight

  15. Johan Britz says:

    Really don't see why she wanted to transform her body. She looked perfect to start off with….but anyway…

  16. Steve Hunt says:

    Looking good to me!!!!! AMAZING DEDICATION

  17. It's been almost two months daily exercise and cut off major food (fast-food, greasy) just salads and healthy stuff and I have only lost 3 pounds. I'm doing something wrong.

  18. Kauri Wilson says:

    I saw your core muscle. OH BTW you have a great body already because you are petite and all tiny woman w a similar figure to ariana grande will instantly see results as they have that little body. It just being self disciplined and yeah, look at you now.

  19. I'm 16,1.60 m and I weight 8 months ago I was 45 kg and I would do anything to get back to that..what should I eat and what exercises should I do?

  20. Hope Last says:

    She is already slim and looks great!

  21. Amal Noor says:

    How much was her fat % in the end?

  22. VOID Gaming says:

    damn dont show me that Hot body or i cant reach my goals πŸ˜†πŸ€£ this is taking me to the dark side of Web 😢

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