Fashion Nova Curve Swim Hall

Link to outfits;
Search name of swimsuit in the search bar, all names listed below, I put a * next to my top two picks!

Swimsuit 1; Crashing Waves Bikini
Swimsuit 2; Wild Card Rhinestone Bikini
Swimsuit 3; At The Pool Party 2 Piece *
Swimsuit 4; It’s An Obsession
Swimsuit 5; Brazil Babe Bikini
Swimsuit 6; Showgirl Swimsuit
Swimsuit 7; Midsummer Dream Cinch Bikini*
Swimsuit 8; Smock It Like Its Hot

PLEASE NOTE: This video is part of an ongoing sponsorship I have with Fashion Nova, I do try to keep my thoughts and feelings on each piece as honest as possible however.

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46 Responses

  1. R. G says:

    At 11:35 , nice lingerie.

    You really have awesome H's and B's .

  2. shiela ramos says:

    i let my bf watch your videos, he had a hard on

  3. WAO, los dioses del Olimpo se inspiraron cuando te crearon.

  4. sound stuff, and the model very beautiful

  5. むちむち感がたまらん。

  6. Girish Singh says:

    You would be more gorgeous in micro bikini please

  7. Lits War says:


  8. Uneek X says:

    and at least you turn around too

  9. Khushal Khan says:

    Hi sexy girls +92 312 8008017

  10. Con ese cuerpo divina mujer todo te queda muy bien

  11. Hello Stefanio, how are you, I wont to meet you ,my name is Mahmoud 😉 I am from in Tajikistan

  12. Silvio Braz says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, 😍 😍 😚 ❤ 🌷

  13. My Love Stephania 💘🤪😍😘

  14. Oi stefaia seus biquínis são lindos parabéns amor vc também é linda bb.

  15. I love you staefania, i want that you to be my wife

  16. What’s so amazing about you is, not only do you have the perfect body, but you are highly classy and intelligent as well. To me, you are the whole package. Whomever ends up being your man, should know that going in.

  17. Daaaaaayyyyuuuuuuummmmm!
    Modern day Marilyn Monroe. Very beautiful.

  18. Hello ..beautiful stefania pretty woman elegance glamour bikiny !! I love you.

  19. Elifio Munoz says:

    Hola Señorita te gustaría conorer chile te invito

  20. Paul Santana says:

  21. Paul Santana says:


  22. Paul Santana says:


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