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25 Responses

  1. it would take four Clydesdale horses to pull her off my face

  2. i love aly but she may have exactly the same expression in every shot…
    also kat is awesome.

  3. Jfarewell3 says:

    Brenda looked at Aly's boobs

  4. Brenda Song is so hot in this video. When she swung her belly to the camera at 4:57 I nearly passed out.

  5. aly michalka camel toes mmmmmm hot

  6. tony fraser says:

    aly michalka is hot but she looks like a snob?!
    if anyone notices?
    brenda looks like a fun bag,but i can be fooled? lol

  7. britskee03 says:

    @anddep615 …then at least pick a reality star who does more than just being the least relevant Kardashian.

  8. A Moss says:

    @britskee03 reality tv is how people can get into hollywood now a days. check out reese witherspoon talking bout it when she won an awards on mtv movie awards.

  9. britskee03 says:

    Why is Rob Kardashian in this? I mean, nothing against the guy, but the other 5 are at least actors…

  10. A near shirtless Brenda Song. It's a beautiful thing.

  11. meatwad41391 says:

    holy ssshit i am so hard now

  12. sweeta1911 says:

    kat graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Haliel says:

    hottest asian chick, period.

  14. blackice says:

    Excuse me while my heart explodes. HOLY GOD!

  15. I want Brenda Song to lie on my boat in a bikini as I cruise around

  16. Summer Al says:

    are they doing a movie or something?

  17. rz21 says:

    Brenda Song is beautiful.

  18. Freakin. Brenda. Song. So. Hot. *passes out*

  19. snoopycute19 says:

    @22evil1990 that makes no sense wat your sayin

  20. 22evil1990 says:

    Aly is sooo beautiful, to bad she does stuff like this. I mean this stuff is so stupid.

    And she is so pretty…it makes me mental that she isn't just another normal girl. I still like the fact that she sings and makes music. She was better when she was younger, but now that she's getting older, she'll be like other actors eventually. Aw well. too bad. sigh

  21. oh my goodness Brenda is just gorgeous e.g. 4:56

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