Natural Light Beach Photoshoot with 3 Models, Behind The Scenes

Models :
Leticia :
Theresa :
Alyssa :

Thank you Cory for this awesome B-Roll :

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38 Responses

  1. Pete Munson says:

    Plenty of compliments on this video, some a little creepy, it's just girls on a beach guys.

  2. Great shoot. Stunning images with beautiful models.

  3. Love her she's dressed for the condition too. Nice to make the models feel comfortable as well.

  4. The photographer isthe bomb here

  5. supertotoro says:

    Overcast but still shooting at 1/8000.

  6. supertotoro says:

    Wow, that sand makes for the most amazing reflector. Very beautiful light. Great video still so don't worry about production quality, still way above average compared to many other channels

  7. Wish camra u proddef this video

  8. Aryan Nagar says:

    First title song name please anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. PHOTOGRAPHY says:

    gives many inputs and motivations about photography thanks

  10. Eric Jackson says:

    You must be doing pretty good for yourself, to finance going to these exotic locations.

  11. Niem Nguyen says:

    How do you keep your camera clean after shooting on the beach? Did the water touch your camera in any way? I'm assuming salt water could cause corrosion if there's still some sort of water on the camera.

  12. marco cepia says:

    modelo detrás de cámara que interesante

  13. WEI WEI says:

    Elder sister, isn't there only one lens 85 1.2? Ha ha ha ha

  14. Diah Arini says:

    please always can subtitle like this video .. so i can learn English too.. thank irene.

  15. B FOR YOU says:

    Hii mam which type of camera you use

  16. you are all beautiful and God gift you are photography

  17. Luken Studio says:

    I like the photography 🥰😘

  18. hey Irene, how come you were shooting so fast at 1/8000th ?

  19. Jamie Easley says:

    Do you ever take extra batteries? You should.. 🙂 Love your work!

  20. Momen Galal says:


  21. Irene this videos once more convinces me you should be more in front of the camera on a photoshoot, you are beautiful don't be too modest!

  22. King Lear says:

    I love the three models on the beach though I'm not in love with them.

  23. The white shirts? the models are wearing in the video. What do you call this type of top and where is a good source for buying them?

  24. i've just my eyes and my mounth for say waohh. am shooter also

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