Bikini Model was Bikini Usa Model of Year Gia Allemand The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

Bikini Usa Model of Year Gia Allemand is on tv show The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Here our some video of Gia from Isle Mejure in Mexico. Come look at are hot Bikini models and see some of the best bikini photos of Gia Allemand.

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27 Responses

  1. @dchyang Gia is still hotter than the crack whore though plus probably much less risk of getting an STD.

  2. whole27 says:

    @krystasmommy Gia doesn't look good. She has a lisp! She has fake boobs! She has no ass! She is gullible and nieve and ruined the Bachelor Pad for the outsiders! Wes played her!

    Jake only picked Vienna cause the producers told him to for their suprise ending! Wake up people! The show is produced! That is why they had so many weird endings…one time the guy doesn't pick either girl, then he picks one girl but goes back to the other girl(Jason), now he picks the girl that's hated! RIGGED!!!

  3. Janella Dyer says:


  4. @fearfactor22 PART 2 – Regardless of how anyone feels about V, Ali should have kept her nose out of V & J's "relationship". I think V said it best with something like "How sad is it that some of the other girls are wasting their 1 on 1 time talking about ME? I know that when I'm with him, the other girls will be the last thing we talk about." That's not verbatim, mind you. 🙂

  5. @fearfactor22 PART 1 – I actually liked Vienna cuz she didn't care what the other girls thought, but I didn't agree with everything she did. Rozlyn was a PIG – I couldn't agree more there. Tenley is ANNOYING!! But, the one I couldn't stand more than ANY of them .. ALI. She started ALOT of shit.

  6. geddoe316 says:

    sure she's hot as hell, but it was her smile that is her best feature…and yes, i fucking watched the bachelor lol

  7. mad dusa says:

    it's really sad when women degrade themselves with those huge plastic breast implants & unneccesariy facial surgery. gia seems like an exceptionally sweet person, but, she's lacking in basic common sense. she portrays herself in this really degraded slutty way and wonders why she keeps attracting such bad guys. it's because they can smell a woman who will bend over for them (or physically alter their body and act like a prostitute) a mile away. it's sad. she's a sweet person, & deserves better.

  8. babypink024 says:

    she's pretty inside and out. I miss her on the Bachelor lol

  9. I thought Gia behaved with a lot of class during and after the show. However, I don't understand why she subjected herself to breast implants and nose some nose job. It's one thing that if you had a washboard body and not easy on the eye. But she's stunning even in her 9yr old picture, and she has perfect frame and legs to kill. I hope she stays out of limelight and live her own life and fine "real love", not some TV pretend love.

  10. vienna is so ugly too.. i cant believe he let gia go.. i wonder if he gets on youtube and watches videos of gia secretly?? lol

  11. Coco A says:

    Her personality may be ok, but she is a fake doll with lots of plastic surgery.

  12. …or maybe he'll be happy w/ vienna. i dunno. i just dont get it. all i gots to say (lol) is Gia is drop dead gorgeous and will hopefuly meet someone awesome to match her awesomeness

  13. oh and then the fact that vienna got randomly married to some guy and then got divorced aftre just 4 months. what the hell? talk about non comitted. jakes sure gonna kick himself in the nuts after not too long here

  14. i'd hate her if she werent so sweet cuz shes just so gorgeous. but shes really so genuinly sweet also, so you cant help but love her. i bet jake already regrets letting her go. vienna is kinda bleh. ali is just disqusting. gia for sure was the best. tinley??? mmm dont think anyone even thinks about her

  15. gpg6978 says:

    This woman is gorgeous. What is her ethnicity? Extremely hot!!!!

  16. shyam patel says:

    wow she definitely got a nose job compared to her 2008 video

  17. LeAnneAzon says:

    so your suggesting swimsuit models dont deserve a husband or kids? .. a swimsuit model is nothing compared to what else goes on in the world.. there are strippers, porn stars and hookers.. a swimsuit model is nothing to be ashamed of

  18. LeAnneAzon says:

    so hot and a great personality to match… she seems like a truly nice girl.. he should of picked her.. how the hell could he chose vienna and tenly over gia and ali?? crazy

  19. Maria Burton says:

    Gia looks good but it's not all about looks… her personality sucks… her and jake did not seem happy together. so glad jake didn't pick her

  20. HOW THE F… could Jake let her go???

    I was so disappointed…
    he let all the good ones leave.
    so he clearly deserves the shitty private life he seemed to have all his life – wrong choices all the way…

    he's a total putz.
    and that's sad because I used to find him great.

  21. robsessed23 says:

    i cried when jake let her go…i was so pissed…

  22. Dave7777 says:

    Gia looks great. By far the best body of any of the girls. Jake is a freak if he picks Vienna, which seems to be what you're saying.

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