Swimsuit Bikini Model Leslie in South Mission Beach

January is a month that in San Diego that has the most days of sunshine than any month of the year. Even though it is freezing cold around the country, San Diego can still get into the 70’s and 80’s. Come with us as we hang out with Mission Beach Girl swimsuit bikini model Leslie in South Mission Beach during a SoCal Beaches Magazine photo shoot. For more photos of Leslie and other Southern California swimsuit models visit the SoCal Beaches Magazine website at www.socalbeachmag.net

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3 Responses

  1. signalsyyz says:

    What is she up to today…..

  2. GaTiger11 says:

    Drop dead, gorgeous, California, beauty. She really should compete in the Miss California pageant.

  3. DOCBUK says:

    it's obvious that the shooter is hittin on her so baad.

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