3 Best Butt Exercises with Bikini Model!!

Heres three of the best butt exercises:
Barbell Squats
Curtsy Lunges
Barbell Stepping Back Lunges

Use weight and do 8-15 reps for best results.
Also see BikiniModelFitness .com

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24 Responses

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  8. Sir Matthews says:

    She got no ass what so ever Ctfu

  9. Miss Supreme says:

    I cant with this video ….. lol

  10. Bikinimodelfitness must have a 3rd string of models who don't have good form..

  11. Think there should have been a better model…she says you can gain a super butt but she has no but at allllllllll!!! Two thumbs down lol

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  13. Jai Hanuman says:

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  14. SHAKEx99 says:

    Thats a great good morning you are doing when you gonna start the squat?

  15. novacaneme2 says:

    she is struggling. must be tired

  16. Squats in bikini…what could you possibly want more? 🙂

  17. Sam says:

    She's alright looking, body and half bad

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