Nutrition for a Lean Body with Bikini Model Vicky Justiz

Fitness Model Vicky Justiz talks about the importance of a healthy diet to get a sexy lean body. Good Nutrition + Great Workout Plan = Awesome Body!
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  1. Sina R says:

    i am vegan and wanna gain weight, its pretty hard for me because i have a really fast metabolism. any tips?


  3. i love vegetables and i love my fruits in smoothies and i dont drink soda or beer and im chunky my self its not always because of those too things and i eat small portions of food my self i have pcos thats why i weight what i weight but i love my healthy meals alot and will continue to i have to loose lots of weight before i get pregnant in a few months im on treatment too become pregnant since i havent been able too in years but your videos are very helpfull i will be starting to do them tomorrow….

  4. JourneytoYES says:

    Your body is absolutely beautiful!. Some ppl are just born with all the "good parts" lol.
    When i look at you, i feel like I'm looking at a young adult version of my daughter. She's a little girl right now and i always think of what's to come. If you don't mind me asking, were your parents strict with you and what has been your motivation in life?
    Thanks for the vid!

  5. Krista says:

    your statement that people who have fat on their bodies…; "it is because they drink soda and drink beer" is ridiculous and completely untrue.

    it was funny as a joke in the first minute, but when you start making blanket statements that are untrue and insult people while making uneducated assumptions as to why obesity and weight problems ACTUALLY exist, then you need to turn the video recorder off.

    wrong again: "a lot of the obese people don't eat a lot of vegetables." this video is not helpful and is not coming from an educated person. your statements are offensive because they are so ridiculously incorrect.

    you look great, but honey, you should stick to what you know and this topic is not your area.

    read about the super foods. talk about high fructose corn syrup (unnatural sweetener), hydrogenated oils (created to make a form of solid butter-like mixture so that fat free foods are not greasy in texture), and other man-made artificial ingredients that have been added to MOST of our foods which act as POISON to our bodies making fighting fat a secondary (or further down the list depending on how many toxins your body has to fight) effort of your body. this means that your body has to figure out HOW to process crap you put into it INSTEAD of doing what your body was naturally made to do on its own.

    yes, soda is bad, but not everyone who is overweight even drinks soda AT ALL. the generalizations you are making in this video are as offensive as they are incorrect.

    also, many other things are bad that also create problems in our bodies. bleached grains are bad, which is why they say to eat 100% whole wheat (versus partially whole wheat which is NOT whole wheat).

    artificial colors have been linked to causing Cancer yet they are STILL in MANY of our foods! why? because the government is not set up to defend us as people believe it is. it is a business set up to make money off societal problems (that it is also at least partly responsible for).

    you say eat vegetables, beans, nuts as blanket statements, but again, this is highly incorrect information to provide people who don't know any better because you are the only resource they have consulted (yet, i am hoping they will learn from experts after this). not all vegetables are created equally. spinach, kale, and broccoli are WAY better than corn, which is wasted food that has little nutritional value and your body has a difficult time processing at all. celery is way lower on the scale of nutrition than broccoli. red kidney beans have 7g of protein. cannellini beans have 20g of protein per cup. lentils 16g. edamame 22g. pinto beans 15g but with 407g of sodium/salt! BUSH’S® Baked Beans and Grillin’ Beans® provide 5g-7g of protein per serving with 550 mg of sodium/salt!!! all beans are NOT the same… phytates prevent minerals in a particular food from being absorbed. phytates also inhibit the functioning of certain enzymes that are critical to digestion, such as pepsin and amylase. lectins cause “Leaky Gut” and they lead to increased inflammation in your gut. phytoestrogens create false alarms in your body that mess with your estrogen creating other problems for you. on and on, plus, legumes (beans) are low in nutritional value overall, and therefore, there are better things you could eat if you are going to make the effort to eat intentionally. nuts, same story… salted peanuts are not the same healthy choice as plain almonds (which are a great healthy snack choice and they taste great without needing to have stuff added).

    there are levels of healthy and levels of unhealthy and the more you KNOW, the healthier choices you CAN make for yourself.

    EVERYONE SHOULD BE LEARNING FROM EXPERT without actually saying things that made your time and effort worthwhile.


  6. Hi, im skinny and i do follow you workout rutine around 1 month and i see the result already but i want my weight gain little bit more, how can i do for that?   do you take supplement during your workout? can you tell me please what kind of supplements do you take? thx

  7. mark jones says:

    Vicki do you need a someone to clean up behind you?I will do anything.You dont have to pay me.Just give me your dirty panties.I dont need medical benefits or vacations.I will also work 24 hour days and 7 days a week.

  8. Love your videos Vicky! Keep it up!

  9. janet says:

    i dont dink anything and im still fat 🙁 i do workout 5 times a week hope i see results soon

  10. Julie Ann says:

    If you really want to be fit and lean, stay away from meat and dairy. Go vegan! 🙂

  11. Bella says:

    Can u please put a video on what u eat on a day 🙂

  12. Yellow says:

    I have the opposite problem, and I need help. I have difficulty gaining weight. I can't find the right balance between fat, protein, and carbs that will help me gain but also feel good, rather than weighed down and sluggish. I also don't want to be bloated and gassy from overeating or eating dairy, but I try my best to eat lots of animal protein (cow, chicken, eggs mainly).

  13. Ella Duffy says:

    Can you do a video of what meals you usually have for breakfast, lunch etc 

  14. Mark Cam says:

    Im eating a dozen chocolate doughnuts while watching this ….. I warmed them up in the oven to, so they are warm and very soft ……

  15. xx_mz says:

    Vicky I am so inlove with your body! Plus you have such a nice tan!
    Anyways, just wondering where do you get your workout gear from?
    I really like your shorts and have been looking for a pair like yours
    Thanks 🙂
    and keep up the great work!

  16. Beau - says:

    See now this is what a woman can look like if they exercise! She has a great build, lean and strong with amazing curves. I love a woman who looks like she is healthy and fit versus scrawny and unhealthy, 

  17. Rachel Smith says:

    Vicky you're a real inspiration =] thanks girl!

  18. French fry says:

    I saw the webpage 30 day butt transformation what if I just want the meals not,the workouts

  19. Rjz says:

    How much carbs, protein and fat do you recommend? Because there are many fad diets out there that's either all carb or all fat 🙁

  20. So True I'm leaving soda and alcoholic beverages alone 

  21. just became a memeber and i was wondering are the length of the videos the amount of time needed for the complete workout for each day assigned or are we supposed to do them more than once per workout?

  22. Vicky how often do you work out your legs and butt?

  23. simo134 says:

    Where's the picture on the video?

  24. It's not what you eat.
    It's not eating too much.

  25. Cha o says:

    I prefer Vicky before her boob job

  26. querida amiga y maestra antes que nada te digo que eres mi idolo y beo tus videos y aprendo mucho de tu te pregunto si todos los dias hago los ujercisios para pierna y gluteos  los aumentare o no es bueno ya que mi interes es tener gluteos grandes y tambien piernas grandes pienso trabajarlos todos los dias pero diferentes ejercisios pero todo que trabaje los gluteos dime que consejo me das ojala puedas contestar gracias QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA

  27. Lala Cazares says:

    What's her istagram 😮 ?!?! Can someone please tell meeee

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