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  1. GeorgeBonez says:

    Damn that was a good shot! Way to go! And the hell with the criticism's from some of these dumbass libs. You are NOT to skinny. You are just beautiful and fit. You could pass for my girlfriends twin sister you look so much alike! Fatass liberals need to spend less time at their computers eating greasy McDonalds food. haha

  2. Mitso Kyd says:

    nice snakehead was it a Bullseye snake head?  It looked like you are in Florida.

  3. That's a long shot for an underwater target, nice shooting.   Andysfishing

  4. Boog Powell says:

    That was one hell of a bow shot!

  5. Cre8tvMG says:

    That was a pretty amazing shot!

  6. bowfishing is great for abs, apparently…

  7. i am not one of these peta guys but let me say this.
    pls kill the animal as quickly as possible unnessecary suffering is something no creature deserves.
    since we are human we can do better and kill quick.
    fish must have been in pain. but this is only what i believe.
    im not telling you what to do. just giving an opinion.

  8. Hoooly shit, she is hot and she can shoot, your a Lucky man 😀

  9. Inge Blom says:

    I think it's really pathetic that you go bowfishing. Have some respect ! idiot.

  10. Thanks for sharing very nice. "Slice A Life Archery" make your bow sound like a doe!

  11. E. Sanchez says:

    Oh yeah, that woman need to be fed! Good for her for having catch lunch

  12. Hey hey, which arrow tips are you using for bow fishing ?

  13. polanmi says:

    mmmm.. that's some good eating.

  14. Greg Moore says:

    How deep was the water and is it hard to see the fish?

  15. Laby 70 says:

    Damn that was a good shot.

  16. A Bighead (aka Asian Carp) is a species of invasive carp that are dramatically destroying our waterways. They are a filter feeding fish who suck up all of the plankton in the body of water theyre present in. The plankton are a valuable "foundation" if you will for the entire ecosystem, without them…you have no game fish. Or anything else for that matter. Most states command you to kill the Asian Carp on sight! Search Google for "Bighead Carp" to get more info.

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